Saturday, December 23, 2023


Nearly six years ago I managed to offend a whole bunch of folks who thought themselves wonderful people and talented singers. I haven't any idea how that happened -- most of them were shitty singers with huge egos, and if that wasn't bad enough, some of them were Filippinos -- because normally I am all sweetness and light, the mellowest of men.
Even at a karaoke bar. But keep in mind that I don't sing, and dislike Karaoke.

On social media there were some reactions when I finally called it quits.

Yesterday evening I enjoyed rereading their eloquence.

Herewith a selection:

You are so self-centered and frankly, cranky, rude and a narcissist. Check yourself. You don't get the world without giving out a penny. And calling ppl by their physical attributes... Kettle black. You are not the looker and your attitude doesn't make up for it. No one misses your bullshit. On a side note, you should check your prescription for your glasses because you are not seeing anything but blurred lines.
The reason we never said hi to you is because your such a fucking bore.
You are an arrogant boring fake. Nobody believes that riduiculous accent.
Fuck off and die fast, you stupid smelly small dicked British dickwad.
Your such a fucking asshole nobody wants you there, so good riddance. Please stay away. Pleas. Stay. The. Fuck. Away.
You really don't like anyone, and no one really likes you. Surprise.
We found out that you are an asshat. That's why. We never liked you. Your breath smells bad, you have lousy taste in clothes, your eyes are squinty and mean. Have you considered plastic surgery? You need it, you are uglier than a dog. Also, therapy for that speech defect, and a colestomy bag.

There were many more. The best bit was this:

I'm glad you're gone. Your presence was a bit of a downer, and everybody seems much happier now. We had so much fun tonight, it would have given a grumpy old fucker a heartattack. Or an ulcer. You should've been there.

Yes, most of them were a decade or more younger than me. Some of them a lot more.
Why do you ask?
In the last few years that I went there, it was so that I could smoke a pipe in the evening under their awning, without getting rained on. I would buy a drink, leave it on the bar, and go outside to enjoy the peace and quiet away from the crowd. I have since then mapped out a number of awnings and empty storefronts, and figured out how to use an umbrella.

The place in question closed down permanently a couple of years ago.
Filippinos don't frequent this neighborhood any more.
It's much quieter and calmer now.

I kept in touch with most of the bartenders since that time. Who were nice people, as well as saintly and patient. They were smart and had senses of humour. Sadly, two of them passed away in the intervening period.

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