Friday, December 22, 2023


It should get better. That is to say, it will be light earlier each day, now that the solstice has passed, and eventually this blogger will not be stumbling about in the dark outside, gingerly pawing my way forward after having lit my pipe so that I don't fall face forward into the dogpoo all over the streets of San Francisco.
Where everybody who doesn't have kids has a hound.
Sometimes even if they do have children.

Please do NOT let your brat defecate with your pet.
And neither should do so on my block.

At least not until April or so. When dawn will happen shortly after six in the morning, and old codgers and their briars can clearly see where the heck they are going.

Sadly, we don't have night vision.
In this neighborhood, I don't worry about violent drug users, discarded needles and crazy street people when it's dark. I worry about kids and dogpoo. We're very bourgeois here.

I'm more likely to stumble over a defecating toddler than a sleeping bum. There's a faint suggestion of luminosity, or a radioactive quality, to most pavement drowsers.
Whereas the young of almost every species are well-camouflaged.

You can't see them in the tall grass, can you?
Be careful where you step.

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