Tuesday, December 12, 2023


Words of comfort uttered at the turkey vulture, who is convinced that the others are being mean to him, and perhaps they want to 'get him'. An innocent little fellow, despite being berserk. Also, he's convinced that there are snipers out there beyond the perimeter.
Dawn, when it comes, brings a welcome return to reality.

Anti-aircraft guns are visible in the far distance.

We've also told him that the reason his feet itch is not because of jungle rot brought about by woolen socks and heavy combat boots. He doesn't have socks or combat boots. No, we will not rub his feetsies, we've heard what turkey vultures do on them.

This isn't 'Nam, little buddy, and you are too young to have been there.
Nor is it Eastern Java, with Dutchmen and Malays in the bush.
Hiding in the shrubbery with sharpened bamboo.
What have you been dreaming?
Dawn in the Bay Area is now at seven A.M. more or less. It is colder than usual outside and there are indications that it rained a bit during the night. We're heading into the colder part of the year. Soon I'll have to wear two sweaters and two pairs of socks when I step outside to smoke my pipe. I didn't used to be such a koukleum. My cardiologist says it's because I'm getting older, but instead I would prefer to blame Republicans and MAGA trolls.
They are truly what's wrong with this world. In a nutshell.

Expect a strongly-worded letter to the editor!
Once my fingers warm up enough.

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