Wednesday, December 06, 2023


For dinner I went to a restaurant to have dumplings. While eating I observed two attractive women who work there. One of whom is quite petite, one of whom looked very huggable. Both were shorter than myself, which in that type of environment is not at all uncommon. No, I shan't ask either out, that would be quite forward and rather ungentlemanly, as they should expect safety and security at work. And I go there for dumplings. Breaking that wall would mean that they would be uncomfortable around me, and I would not be able to go there again. Besides, middle aged men should not presume to be hot stuff.

They're very nice dumplings. I like dumplings.
Plus HK milk tea. And hot sauce.
My meal was splendid.

It was as good a preparation for a very restrained pub-crawl later on as any. Every week the bookseller and myself visit a few places for drinkies, during which there will be no excessive behaviour, as we're there for conversation. And since I started taking medications, I do not consume alcohol in any case. Might combine badly with the other chemicals.

Hot tea instead.
At the karaoke place, conversation had to briefly pause for appreciation of Freddie Mercury praising fat-bottomed girls; a splendid song expressing a philosophy that I do not share.
Not, mind you that there's anything remotely wrong with fat-bottomed girls. Some very perfect people are fat-bottomed girls. Indeed. Let's hear it for fat-bottomed girls.

Thank you, Mr. Mercury. That was lovely.

As you can probably guess, I was wide awake by the time I got home, and stone-cold sober. The day had started with strong coffee, twice, then successive cups of tea, continuing through the dumplings. A shot of coffee before leaving again for crawling pubs.

Wired to the tits. So to speak.

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