Thursday, December 07, 2023


Kindly note to all those allegedly real people who always comment underneath mentions of precious restaurants shutting their doors for ever in San Francisco with sneering remarks about liberals getting what they voted for, please keep in mind that those are restaurants that I cannot afford to patronize, with high fallutin' food I wouldn't touch, and I frankly don't give a damn, and neither do any of the other working class stiffs in this city. So piss off and keep your damned red state comments in Alabama or Florida, where I'm sure you have an appreciative audience for your stupid remarks.
Also, I'm tired of flash-in-the-pan "restaurateurs" blaming bike lanes, parklets and no parking, and tenderloin conditions for why their precious boutique diner with artistic interpretations of classics failed and had to close.

Have you considered that most people don't like you or your food?

Or paying fifty dollars for the privilege?

Good riddance.

Furthermore, most tourists and downtown office workers are a pain in the sphincter.
All you pantiewads, go back to Denver, Poughkeepsie, or Alabama.
Oaklanders and Berkeleyites too. Especially.

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Anonymous said...

My friend (resides in the South Bay) who recently travelled to the Republic of Ireland for a two week vacation, returned with an interesting but perhaps not to surprising story. He said that he and his wife encountered plenty of retirees from Midwestern and Southeastern states (Kansas, Ohio, Tennessee, etc) who were not so friendly towards them. These older folk assumed he worked in tech(no), wealthy(no) and a freak(he’s more conventional than I am) for living so close to San Francisco (needles, poop on sidewalk, high taxes). They also didn’t like him because his wife isn’t white(she’s a lovely Persian lady). Anyway, yeah, them outsiders entertain funny views of us.

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