Monday, December 04, 2023


In complete contrast with Friday and Saturday evening, when I arrived back in my own neighborhood after slaving in the salt mines of Marin while being whipped by Orcs and savage Hobbits, there were no screaming crazies or loud drunks during my first walk with a pipe this morning. It was peaceful. The weather may have something to do with that.
They're probably all at the beach enjoying the balmy weather (53°F, by golly).

Even the intoxicated and insane element needs to work on its suntan.
Perhaps especially the intoxicated and insane element
Which I wholeheartedly encourage them to do.

Fifty three degrees! Go for it!
There had been some discussion yesterday about the street situation in San Francisco since APEC ended. Was it, someone asked, still good, or had it returned to normal?

Well, my neighborhood is okay. But from Geary Street all the way to Market is rebel-held territory. Parts of Market Street are both open-air theatre and the psycho ward. Which is substantially the same as it has been for a decade. So there has been little change since long before Fox News and the MAGA crowd discovered that they could slag San Francisco for fun and profit, as a lovely way to distract their audience from the problems in the red states, fine upstanding people that they are.

There are far fewer nutballs on the sidewalk where I live than before the pandemic. And other than the out-of-state cow who pretended to gag upon seeing me smoke whe she got out of her vehicle a few weeks ago, no one has objected to me and my pipe within twenty five feet of operable doors, windows, air vents, or shared floors, walls, ceilings, walls, airwells, and common areas in a long time.

BTW: Those were Oregon plates. Must have been an APEC protest visitor.

There's also less trash on the street here.
No tourists or druggies.

Must be because we worship Satan. No good Christians here. Please don't visit.

Update as of 9:10 AM:
It's gone down to fifty degrees! Retreat from the beach. Retreat, retreat!
The end times are upon us!

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