Thursday, December 21, 2023


WORST funeral expense spam robo call ever! No, 'Hanna', I did NOT ask you to call me back, I do not intend to die, and my age is none of your damned business. It hung up on me.

Now, I personally have nothing against robots. Some of my best friends are machines.

In other news, fromage and spiritous substances have been acquired, so my Christmas shopping is done for the year. All that's left is three days of observing the mating frenzy.
It should be interesting. I'm always engaged by primates and their primitive passions. Supercilious, superior, and sneering. I am damned well intolerable at this time.
If I didn't smell so darn good, I might be unbearable.

On the other hand, I forewent lunch. First bite to eat was pastry after four o'clock (tea time!) over in Chinatown. While chatting with two friends and watching the staff bustling. Then a pipe smoked while wandering around the neighborhood afterwards. One shop has shut down permanently (they only opened four years ago), and in a different location a new store has recently opened up, with high expectations, all the good feelings, and very obviously scant "let's think this thing through for a moment" having been done.

Three more days, folks, and then bills and returns.
Enjoy the sharkfeed.

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