Tuesday, December 26, 2023


Chinatown is awash with outsiders today. Almost like these people have nothing else to do. All of them seem flabby and disquietingly irridescent, reflecting their bad dietary habits. And highlighting how repulsive some of them are. Caucasians, Filippinos, Subcontinentials, Latinos, Slavs, and Scandinavians. Ah, those codfish-fed Northerners!
Cousins to folks in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The deity must like Minnesota, he made so much of it.

Not enough elderly Cantos, too many tourists, suburbanites, and foreigners.

A veritable forest of ambulatory squid.
While I dislike all those other mentioned groups infesting Chinatown, I like squid. Life would be so much better if they were squid, squishing about, with their large silvery eyes staring around them blankly.

Both of the place to which I went were devoid of outsiders. My barber, and a restaurant which does not appeal to Caucasians, Filippinos, Subcontinentials, Latinos, Slavs, or Scandinavians.

So other than having to dodge the aimles ambulatories from point A to point B, and after eating while smoking a pipe, it was pleasant. Cold. But distinctly enjoyable.

The weather has become more arctic. Double sock time.
The well insulated foot is a happy foot.
It is both here and there.


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