Thursday, December 07, 2023


Shortly after leaving the drugstore I was looking at some pale blue glazed antique ceramics of restrained and tasteful design. Quite lovely, and I yearn to acquire them, except, you know, my budget. When I left the shop I said farewell to the shopkeeper and told him I would be back. He probably realizes that I merely wish to admire them again.

It was sprinkling lightly at that point.

At Broadway and Stockton it was raining a bit more seriously. Less than a block.
By Pacific and Stockton, the rain was making a definite statement.
By the time I got to Jackson, a downpour.

This was at teatime. The weather reports today had blithely written that there would be light sprinkling till about one a clock, and naught thereafter.

I feel lied to, and disapprove of this deceit.
A cloudburst. Tropical downpour.
You know people are shopping for their dinner fixings at that time, right?
Please do not do that again. It's very inconsiderate!
Expect a strongly worded letter!

Hot milk tea and a pastry at a bakery in the company of two out of four. Russ and 'Arizona' are travelling in South East Asia. Hong Kong and Singapore.
We shan't see them till next year.

Very surprisingly, the pipe I smoked afterwards was absolutely divine. I shall have to remember that this blend (my own concoction) performs best in a group 3.
Not so much in a group 4.

The streets were quiet, the other bakery where I never go because the person who works there was too brusque for my liking had no customers at all, and the boba tea places were empty too. Hardly any tourists down on Grant. At Sacramento Street, three buses passed by without stopping, full of people. There was only one other person besides myself waiting, and he wasn't upset. During commute hours filled buses are frequent, they might not pick up any more passengers at some stops. When the fourth bus opened its doors, we did not get on. Remarkably there were half a dozen more folks at the stop when it left, and I believe they may have gotten off because of vituperation and discord on the vehicle.

So I got home later than I should. And I was soggy.
But I was happy as a clam.

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