Sunday, December 31, 2023


That title describes either Marinites OR young turkey vultures like the one in our apartment, named Sydney Fylbert, who insists that no one has fed him today and then fondly smacks his lips in gustatory reminiscence of lunch. My partment shared her meal with him; tofu, asparagus, meaty bits, rice. But he claims he had none. Well, hardly any.
Just the merest glimpse and smell, oh it was delicious!

Not that he had any. He insists that it's the truth.
Smack, smack, smack. Mmmmmmm!

He also had some of my dinner when I came home. Noodles, egg, mustard stalks, and meaty bits. With chili paste, ginger, and diverse spices. Soup stock poured over.

Also, tofu can't be vegetable! It's so yummy!
Asparagus, too, is clearly carrion.
But he hasn't had any.
Now, I suspect that tomorrow I will not feed him till later in the day. Because the first order of business tomorrow is finding a place for dumplings or wontons.
Dumplings are traditional new years food.
And delicious!

He'll have to be patient till evening.

I shall not be accompanied by Sydney Fylbert. Reason being that if the locals in Chinatown saw me carrying a turkey vulture around, they'd undoubtedly exclaim "oh, the stinky kwailo finally lost it, quite out of his mind!"


Waa, chi sin ge chau kwai lou sat jo nou le, keui so so dei! They've seen enough white guys with marbles lost. They're traumatized enough already, they don't need any more.

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. Any idea which chachantengs might be open on Jan 1st? I’m thinking of fleeing the East Bay for SF tomorrow.

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