Friday, July 21, 2023


Discussion yesterday about San Francisco's little drug problem. Which serves the very useful purpose of funding the salaries of non-profits with a solution, and the power lunches of the high priced non-profit professionals and public appointees tasked with saying important things in public. All of which, if you think about it deeply, becomes a feel-good farting extravaganza. Which is the core issue at play for most functionaries involved.
Good political PR, it's how America works.

Problem? What problem?
There are salaries!
It's win, win.

Now, as someone who doesn't know any drug addicts wrecking their lives -- heck, I prefer to not even associate with folks who self medicate -- there is little that I can say about the issue. No one, to the best of my knowledge, has overdosed in several blocks near my apartment, and while I knew some people who used methamphetamine several years ago, most of them have completely disappeared without a trace. The other two went back to Iowa, where presumably their families gently brought them back to the bosom of the church.
Supportive nurture from their relatives, plus thoughts and prayers.

Realistically, the problem ain't gonna get solved.
There are too many careers at risk.
Like everyone who moans about the pandemic of life-wrecking drug use, we had no easy solutions or intelligent insights. None. Nothing to offer. All we had to say, while noshing on sugared biscuits and hot caffeinated beverages, was that this society encourages addictive behaviours. After that we smoked a while in silence, before lamenting that not a single one of our favourite drinking holes permitted smoking on the premises anymore. I left when he brought up Dungeons And Dragons. Which I've never gotten hooked on.

And I needed more coffee anyway.

Damned addicts.

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