Saturday, July 29, 2023


There are two phrases from which nothing good can come, which, if you hear them, end all hope of a civilized conversation.

"I'm not a racist ..... "

That always means that they are. Some mega racist bullpucky is going to come out of that mouth.

"You people ..... "

it's pretty much guaranteed that something that should not be said will be said. Except, of course, when I use it at the incontinent old Republicans in the back room. Those people.

I am somewhat keenly attuned to the level of poison in our society, given that within the first year of being back in the United States a class mate informed me that they shot people like me where he was from (the Central Valley of California), and another time somebody screamed at me that I should go back where I came from (erm, I don't think he meant Hawthorne General Hospital in So. Cal). I still occasionally get to hear that last
After decades back in the States.

Listen, boyos, hell will freeze over before I go back to Hawthorne General Hospital (in Southern California). I got spanked there! Bad memories.
What the hell IS it with YOU people?!?

You can probably also understand why visiting the Central Valley (everywhere between the Oakland Hills and Staten Island is not an idea I often entertain.

Every day that I'm at work, I have to explain that I was two when we went overseas, I came back to the US when I was eighteen, and yes I also speak one of "those" languages. Thank you, I feel truly special now. This may be a contributing factor in my unsociability.
But actually, I love people. They're so round over here, and many of them smell like cheese! Having spent a few years in Holland, of course I love cheese!
I am not an anti-American bigot, honest
It's just that you people .....

It is, apparently, because I'm "foreign" that I did not give someone a cigarette while outside smoking my pipe. I am not American enough to understand how this logic works.

Ja, ik weet ook niet waar die kloojak het over had.

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Anonymous said...

De wereld is zo mooi, maar helaas! Er zijn zoveel klootzakken.

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