Tuesday, July 18, 2023


Something I will freely admit is that I do not have the patience or acuity to observe insects from close up. Knowing what they look like is something for which the internet is a resource. Someone somewhere has stalked the critters, and at infinite pains taken a perfect portrait. Which may have necessitated weeks of effort. And, at a click, the results are there.

Hit 'like', and support their institution.

Or a dozen more.

You want frogs? There are thousands of them on the web. It's filled with frogs. More than a plague-full. Same with spiders, squirrels, stingy bugs, bitey bugs, slithery bugs.
Bugs, bugs, bugs. Buggety bug.

Frogs eating bugs.

This illustration utilizing computer paint was more fun than spending an entire afternoon in the long grass trying to focus. It took nearly the same amount of time, but it did not result in tropical insects crawling all over me or infesting my boxers, and I did not need a shower and a cold drink afterwards. It's based on over two dozen photographs that were the work of dedicated professionals. As well as several wikipedia articles.

And youtube.

Related thereto, I have to be up and showered early today, because my landlords tell me that between ten and two plumbing work will be done and the water turned off. Obviously I must shave and shower before then. My alarm clock serves as a cicada, making an awful racket.
More disturbing when just after dawn.

Buggety bug.

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