Monday, July 17, 2023


While much of the world swelters, one small coterie in Marin County consisting almost entirely of elderly dinosaurs, refuses to believe that there might be any climate issues at all. Nope, fershur, odds bodikins boy, they exclaim, while burning witches. 'Taint no different than it was one hundred years ago. Then they blame the prevalence of petrol for homosexuality. Which is, as every true Christian knows, a communist plot to sap our vital juices.

They take another puff on their expensive cigars before resuming their meanspirited attack on the subcontinental cherootee in their midst who wishes to inform them of social developments since the late cretaceous.

Now, it just isn't wise or logical for the subcontinental to start an argument with an extremely good lawyer who has spent a lifetime being persuasive and believable even when reality and human decency contradicted every assertion he made. I stress that he's very good. He could convince you that the world was buritto shaped with a completely straight face.
Even his wife admits that he's an exceptionally good liar.

A man you'd want arguing for you in court.
Instead of, as just an example, the subcontinental.

The other stogie chomping fossils in that room are not important, seeing as they're three quarters half-witted or senile anyway. They're out and about during daylight hours, and probably responsible for ninety percent of all the bad vibes within a ten mile radius. If you've ever wondered about the shifting sense of terror and despair between Mill Valley and San Raphael, they're it. Like little clouds of right wing venom floating across the sky, causing ocassional poison showers when they encounter humans.

Naturally, I am just an observer, quite impartial and unbiased. Ever since I got into trouble for telling them all it was a shame that they weren't on that sub that imploded, I have stayed out of their bitchy ignorant squabbling entirely.

Besides, I'm a pipesmoker.

For the next few days I'm off work.
Which should be enjoyable.
I'll avoid Marin.

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