Thursday, July 20, 2023


Negating the benefit of my recent shower entirely, I smoked a cigar in the teevee room. So at present my skin, once clean and baby-like, has a faint perfume of musty old man. This pretty much makes definite that I will not find a nice woman to date today. I smell like her grandpa. Whom they buried five years ago. Before or after encasketing is not clear.

I'm counting on ventilation for several hours to disguise the smell from my apartment mate. As well as incense, and a pot of strong muck with ginger on the stove.

One of sixteen new cigars.
First taste upon lighting was earthy, mild, slightly fruity. Nice wrapper leaf. Corojo?

Burns evenly, regular ash. It's very well made. Not particularly thrilling, but an easy smoke. It's a respectable cigar. The tip tastes salty to the tongue. My interest fades about sixty percent of the way down.

Back to the bathroom to splash and wipe my face and beard.

It's probably time for lunch.

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Anonymous said...

I was in C’Town the other day. After having lunch at Urban Curry at 523 Broadway, my mouth still spinning from the spices, I bid my gf a good day and headed back into the bustle. I glanced down a few alleyways looking for a pipe smoker to no avail. My path led me to a bakery where I bought a few egg tarts and a coffee before heading home.

The back of the hill said...

I've never eaten at Urban Curry. How is it? And do they have good naan breads?

I'm in C'town almost every day that I'm off. Time varies, and I move relatively fast. Quite relatively. You'll probably encounter me at some point.

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