Thursday, July 13, 2023


It's quite a stretch to call La Cocina a beloved San Francisco institution, when most of us didn't even know it existed and it opened only two years ago. A food hall run by a non-profit in the Tenderloin was more "feel good" than realistic anyway. Two years ago the Tenderloin was already a war-zone. With staggering increases in American appetites for illicit substances, a safe place to inject with toilets and trash receptacles, would have made far more sense.
So what the hell were you bozos thinking?

"Let's open a twee snack-o-rama! That will make everything better!"

They're closing in September. I shall not lament the loss.

Idiots. And as for all those retail places near Union Square shutting down, good riddance. Many San Francisco residents couldn't afford to shop there, and with all the suburbanite office workers now remote-working (over a hundred thousand of them), apparently they can't pay their sky-high rents or loans. My piles bleed for Anthropologie, Coco Republic, Westfield, Old Navy, and the dozen or so other overpriced working stiff gouging pretentious schmatte designer dumps that withdrew to the suburban malls that birthed them. Boo 你嘅 hoo.

La Cocina was scheduled to close in 2024 anyhow. Most of us had never heard of them.
So imagine the heartbreak. Do you hear the sound of a Bronx cheer? You should.
The ONLY reason I even went down to Union Square in the last quarter of a century was for the bookstores (closed several years ago) and to buy women's pajamas size small because my apartment mate (size small, darn well petite dammit) had to be christmas-presented for. Gave up on that idea when I discovered that the stores there catered to big white or black heffalumps instead of pocket-size Asian Americans. Who are a sizeable demographic.

[Well, seeing as three or four Chinese American ladies could EASILY fit into one suburban glow-in-the-dark soccer mom, that's still kinda small. Won't need a tent to dress them. Might as well leave the flowered chintz mumus in storage too. ]

And as for the Tenderloin, years ago that was a nice South East Asian neighborhood during daylight hours, and a suburb of Detroit after dark. The Vietnamese left as soon as they could afford to settle in the Richmond or Sunset, the dabbas and drug dealers moved in, as well as the thieves and parolees, and other than shooting up or shooting someone else, there has been no reason for civilized folk to go there in over a decade.

The last time I was there was to see about part-time employment to augment my income. That business did not practice safe social distancing, no one there wore masks, there was a Trump poster on the wall, and the street they were on gave abundant testimony to alcoholics and people who did not curb their pitbulls. So I politely told 'em to go hang themselves.

No, I wouldn't think of going down there to eat at a precious fish taco place or indulge in designer pupusas, cocktails, and avocado toast.

Shoot up, or shoot a bystander.
Nothing else.

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Anonymous said...

Bay Area residents know one goes to the Mission for inexpensive and authentic pupusas.

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