Wednesday, September 02, 2020


Here now, courtesy of the fact that I keep waking up needing to pee, is the first ever internet poll on this site.

Donald Trump is a:
Piece of shit.
Rancid piece of shit.

Trump Supporters are:
Pieces of shit.
Rancid pieces of shit.

Most fundamentalists are also:
Pieces of shit.
Rancid pieces of shit.

I keenly look forward to your responses.
There are no wrong answers.

NOTE: Readers may contact me directly:
All correspondence will be kept in confidence.


Boris said...

How does one click in the boxes? It's not working for me.

Also, have you seen my previous comment, a few posts below? I await your post on the topic, please, sir.

The back of the hill said...

Sorry, haven't figured out that part yet. Just print it out and mail it to:
725 Fifth Avenue,
New York, NY 10022.

Boris said...

Will you please deal with my important comment below? (My internet filter -- which is moody -- somehow allowed me into the comment thread here, but this cannot be relied upon. Please respond in a post to my question about my cat. Please. Thank you.)

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