Sunday, September 27, 2020


This blogger is not a fan of Marketing Departments, having listened to overmuch "we saved the world (and magically blessed this thing)" poofle from college graduates earning a lot of money and valuing themselves highly, as well as having seen once proud products brought low, and virtually destroyed, by getting a 'make-over' to modernize and streamline them and their brand, so that it is suitable for a younger hipper audience.

Please imagine this product with the old fashioned art-nouveau package it once had.
Khirurg Filters

At this point their market share is virtually nil.
It's a miserable state of affairs indeed.
They aren't even exported!

Rare Mahorka and Crimean Gavniyok, king size.
But please, call it 'comrade length'.
Excellent quality.

Ask for them by name.

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Trotsky! said...

Khirurg sigaretti? Surgeon cigarettes?
Lenin and tractor brand?

You cynic!

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