Sunday, September 06, 2020


Thanks to Shiv Ramdas and neighbor uncle, I too want a bottle of Old Monk.

Wikipedia states: "Old Monk Rum is an iconic vatted Indian dark rum, launched in 1954. It is blended and aged for a minimum of 7 years. It is a dark rum with a distinct vanilla flavour, with an alcohol content of 42.8%. It is produced in Ghaziabad, UP (Uttar Pradesh). There is no advertising, its popularity depends on word of mouth and loyalty of customers. However, in 2013 Old Monk lost its rank as the largest selling dark rum to McDowell's No.1 Celebration Rum. Old Monk has been the biggest Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) brand for many years."

Also: "Before Old Monk, there was Hercules rum (still sold) that was distilled exclusively for the armed forces."

Old Monk has limited exposure outside its country of origin.

It may be available locally at BevMo.

I shall investigate.

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