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Friday, April 13, 2018


That bright sunshine is deceptive. It's probably going to be beastly weather this weekend. If not actual precipitation of epic proportions, frigid and windy.
The rational man preparatorily fuels himself with chops.
Grilled, and served with sauce alongside rice.
Plus three to four broccoli.

It's a day off, three work-days coming up, and the droning of old fossils off to the side at work is a guaranteed constant.
Because they are overwhelmingly Trumpites, it is most unfair that I have not been provided with a cattle-prod.

Plus a ball gag for the Irishman.


I am getting much better at recognizing what kind of elderly git will take the conversation where you do not want it to go. My coworkers, consequently, yesterday had to deal with two rambling wrecks with bugs up their asses, and a good friend who dropped by to smoke a pipe, quietly at the end of his day, ended up listening to a long rant about the Russians and the Clinton Foundation fracking Marin County, the recent California wild-fires being a Bilderberg plot OR crowd control, how the government tracks people through the chips in their cellphones, and lizard aliens.

While that was going on I was "occupied".

Sorry, things to do.

Indeed, I sympathize with my friend and my colleagues, but heeding the warning signs is a survival mechanism. Have you noticed it's never sweetly brilliant young things that wish to bend your ear, but always the ones who are crazier than bedbugs?

One person I avoid always includes the datum that he's a University of Berkeley graduate in every conversation, as well as a proud mention that he voted for Trump. There is not much else to his discourse other than a repetition of that, irrespective of the subject.

Unfortunately he's roughly my age.
Bad PR for my generation.

I need those chops today.
They're therapeutic.

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  • At 9:55 AM, Anonymous quizzically amphibious said…

    I thought that Breitbart had authoritatively established that the North Bay fires were caused by illegal aliens. Can't these GOP'ers get their narratives straight?

  • At 7:41 AM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    Nope. Russians, the Clinton Foundation, and the queen of England.

    And, I heard yesterday, Uma Therman was involved.

    Have you been listening to the voices in your cellphone again?


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