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Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Head north, young bird. No, I don't know when World Penguin Day was established, or under whose authority. Nor do I really care.
This is the second year I celebrate World Penguin Day.
I believe the appropriate celebratory dish is herring.
Which is the world's most perfect food.

After breakfast, you should head to the nearest haring kot and order een haring alstublieft, met uitjes.

Here's an illustrative video.



Aim to be the best penguin you can possibly be.
Which for most of us is rather limited.

Barring easy access to herring, such as for instance might happen if you live in San Francisco, the next best thing is probably a taco.
Go ahead: have yourself a taco.
Have two.

[We also need World Squid Day. Two days to eat herring. Or tacos.]

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