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Friday, April 06, 2018


An acquaintance asserted that seeing certain interracial couples made him angry. Not all such, just Asian women with Caucasian men. Upon hearing that I gleefully told him that it amused me immensely. Others have already argued that he has a double standard, as he admits that Asian men with beautiful white women are quite fine by him, the more the merrier!
He gets a kick out of big black men dating white chicks too.

He is an ethnic Chinese dude from the Philippines.
And he may have a chip on his shoulder.
Besides being single and geeky.
Kinda froggish.

Gross generalization: many people (especially men) from the Philippines seem to have similar chips. Their national diversity is exemplified by the peculiarities of said chips. Flip chippity takes varied forms.
But his particular ire is more narrowly Chinese.
An 'Angry Asian Man' thing.
Poor bugger.

As a single man, I suppose I should feel similar anger whenever I see couples, of any age range, ethnic derivation, and gender break-down.
Especially happy couples who are well-matched and likable.
But I don't, that isn't my character flaw.
And life is too short for that.

The key difference is that I am not a geeky froggish Asian man, angry that society does not appreciate me like my mom and my aunties do, nor poorly socialized due to being the precious only son of a family where the older generation all speak something other than English.

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