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Sunday, April 22, 2018


While I was in the kitchen preparing myself a tasty supper of pork-fried rice, the one-legged monkey was on the other side of the door screaming "Piiiiig! I can smell it! Delicious piiiiiiiig!"
He wanted some.

We have already informed him of the havoc meat products will wreak on his delicate digestion, but as with so many other things he is convinced that he is right, we are wrong, and when the facts are fully known he will be vindicated.

He claims he's from Jamaica, and very often ate pig there.
While watching movies and drinking orange soda.
In the cinema where he lived.

Reality is not his strong suit.

It saddens him, very profoundly, that the SPCA does not support him in his righteous quest for pig. I explained to him that maybe the pigs are also under their benevolent protection, but he thinks they've been bribed. Obviously, with a share of pig. Quite unfair.

I had no intention of sharing my yummy repast with him.
And wished he had not drawn attention.
The main ingredient .....

The piglet is convinced he'll eat her one of these days.
There will be nothing left but bones and a little red bow.
She panics when he screams about "delicious pig".
Obviously I am of no help in this situation.

When I left the kitchen to let the food cool down before eating, he had already retired to my apartment mate's room for the night.
And later, I ate in peace. It was delicious.

Cooked rice. Chopped chilies. Cubed cooked pork. Smoke-cured bacon. Ginger. Oyster sauce. Hot sauce. A pinch of spices.
And some default vegetables.

I cook bold dishes to cover up the smell of cigars.
My apartment mate is a non-smoker.
It's a sneaky trick

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