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Monday, April 23, 2018


As one way to boost the tourist industry in Schleswig-Hostein during the holiday season, my apartment mate suggests, similar to the teacup rides at popular amusement parks, a bierstein ride and a schnitzel-und-bratwurst ride. Although the latter might draw the attention of visitors to the local cuisine, which could be regrettable.

Naturally I am keen to see her express an interest in cold boggy parts of the Old World, so I can only encourage these ideas.

She became upset when I explained that French people, in the main, were not flocking en-masse to Schleswig-Holstein during the summer months, even as an alternative to l'Angleterre. With more sensible drivers.
I think she simply likes the name 'Schleswig-Holstein'.
It sounds firm and decisive.

She rejected the Netherlands right out. Hah! How can anyone take seriously some place that's called "Lay Pee Bah"?

We Dutch do have better cheese and smoked eel than Schleswig-Holstein.
But in all honesty that isn't difficult. Anyone can do it.
Käse und Aale. Fromage et anguilles.

Being Cantonese American, she regards all of Western Europe with a certain bemusement. How can anyone take seriously countries with goofy garble-gargle languages? Place names between a cough and a snort?
Though she will concede that they are interesting and exotic.

She speaks English as a first language.
But English is different.

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