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Monday, April 16, 2018


For the second evening in a row I napped after coming home. This is an old man thing, and I refuse to consider myself anywhere near elderly. But I've noticed that when I have coffee and cookies, aged geezer crap like this is much more likely to happen. A full stomach means drowsiness. Must have something to do with blood-sugar levels, or a slow metabolism.
Too much chilipepper has the same effect.

Perhaps the fossils in the lounge are rubbing off on me. A frightening concept! They are the horrid example that keeps me young. The other day one of them took ten minutes in the bathroom, came staggering out with his fly undone, complaining about getting old. Apparently when you age, peeing becomes a problem. The bladder goes slack, the kidneys won't co-operate, the urethra narrows, the prostate enlarges; dribble dribble drible.

Later on I noticed that he had finally zipped up.
Someone must have spoken to him.


Damned kids get off of my lawn, everything hurts, I need my warm milk, big boobies, it's not the same, I've got a cramp, it's cold, and I gotta pooh.

And repeat. Ad-nauseum. Or hasta cagando.
Rant a bit, why don'tcha.

I do not want to be like that. Maybe my body has different ideas, but no.
Whine, kvetch, bitch, bellyache, and complain. Not me.
I. Am. Still. Young. And. Effing. Vibrant.

Damned kids get off my lawn, everything hurts, I need my warm milk, big boobies, it's not the same, cramps, cold, gotta pooh!

Yesterday, I had a huge-ass carnitas burrito with cheese and salsa picante (added extra hot sauce, because, um, you know ... ) before coming home.
This evening, chocolate hazelnut cookies with confectionery cream sandwiched in between. Same effect: an urge to nap.
Got a cuppa coffee going.

Tonight's stogey is different, though. An Alec Bradley Nica-Puro Rosado, robusto shape. The wrapper leaf is Havana seed colorado rosado, the filler is Esteli, Jalapa, and Condega. Dang fine cigar. Going to have to go outside to really enjoy this. It is quite delicious. Creamy. Mild cedar. Earthy.
A bit sweet and spicy, caramelly, slightly peppery.
A complex and intriguing smoke.
Very Nicaraguan.

I think I'll finish my beverage and head outside. A fine smoke such as this needs time and cool night air.
Rather than furtive puffing before the open kitchen window.
Did I mention that I am young and vibrant?
Because I am, you know.

Not old at all.

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