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Thursday, April 26, 2018


Originally I intended to have pork chops (豬扒 'chyu paa') over rice, but the special today was black pepper sauce porkchops and rice (黑椒豬扒飯 'hak jiu chyu paa faan'), so I went with something entirely different: cheesy white sauce chicken cutlets (芝士白汁雞扒 'ji si baak jap gai paa'), with a choice of either cooked rice (飯 'faan') or Italian (意 'yi') for the starch.
I had eaten black pepper sauce chops a few days ago, elsewhere.
And forgot that cheesy white sauce is far too rich.
But my stomach reminded me.

芝士白汁雞扒 ... 麗晶西餐廳

A bowl of corn chowder, wedge of garlic bread, hot food on a heated plate.
The lunch sets come with Hong Kong milk tea.

One of my favourite foodshows is the one on the Chinese Channel after two thirty. This time we got to see a housewifely-looking chef prepare tea-leaves shrimp, possibly as an appetizer. Big shrimp. Soaked and drained tea leaves. Yellow loaf sugar. Parch the tea leaves well, there appears to be no need for oil. Blanch the cleaned shrimp in boiling water till they turn colour. Add the chopped and crumbly yellow loaf sugar to the tea leaves -- only a little of it is needed -- and place the shrimp on top. Add a small splash water or wine. Cover the pan with a lid for a minute or two, then stir around a bit and decant onto a plate. Serve.

Thoughtfully I chewed my cheesy chicken while considering the shrimp.
I may have been the only person watching the television.
Seeing as there was no one dining with me.

Most single white diners will dine at a bar with a pint, or solitarily at a table while reading their text messages. That seems kind of sterile, and I like to people-watch instead. Or, at the right place, choose the table that lets me watch the Hong Kong television show.

Lunch was extremely enjoyable. And because of how rich it was, required two bowls of tobacco afterwards, smoked slowly, while ambling about.
While doing so it struck me that many American women are clearly eating all the wrong foods. Their metabolism ceased being their friend ages ago.

As I understand it, rice and pasta (意'yi') are far better for you than fried starchy niblets and potatoes. Avoid buttered spuds and salted crispy-doodles, and you will feel much more happy.

Cheesy white sauce, while excellent and yummy, is probably best not indulged in too often.

My ex could probably down a bucket of it with no ill-effect. Her cholesterol is excellent, and she's thin as a rail. She loves bacon, crab, lobster with mayonnaise, fried porkchops, and butter.
Today I envy her.

What the Cantonese call "white sauce" is a Béchamel.
In case you want to do this at home.
Just add cheese.

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