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Monday, April 30, 2018


Former German chancillor Gerhard Schroeder obviously likes peppery pickles. He is set to marry his erstwhile translator, the lovely Kim So-yeon, sometime probably this year. She is a quarter of a century younger.
There is an age disparity there.

Korean women tend toward a certain decisiveness. And given what Korean cuisine is like, it seems obvious to me that she must have livened up his diet immensely. Imagine a selection of tasty and colourful fermented vegetable preparations next to the obligatory bratwurst. As well as hot sauce.

It's not that woman are or should be the cooks of the family, but the dominant cuisine wins. Kimchi clobbers kraut. Zesty!

I likewise, if faced with a broiled bratwurst, would wish for pickles.

In recent photos, both the seventy four year old and the not yet fifty year old look considerably younger than they actually are. Hapiness, and pickles!
That must be the secret. Happiness and pickles.

I wish the aged bratwurst well.
Her too.

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