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Thursday, April 19, 2018


There are times when it is best to not ask any questions, and just hope that the subject under discussion is not in any way related to one's own life.
Because it sounds "complicated".

And possibly on the far side of sane.

"Can I just knee them in the goolies and gouge out their eyeballs?"

When I came home it was to hear her talking on the telephone. From which conversation came the gem above. My apartment mate, though small and almost elfin, is a violent woman. No, not by any means a psychopath.
But she has all the best bloodthirsty instincts.

Plus she's totally Asperger.

This means that when she gets bloody-minded, she dwells upon it. In detail. And the idea of mayhem which another richly person deserves goes round and round and round in her head.


Fortunately, once she got off the phone, we got to talking about tacky white people, skin-tight leggings ("naked from the waist down"), and skinny-arsed men with low-hanging pants that are held up only by an obscene bulge.
We Caucasians dress in a fashion that displeases her. It also displeases me, intensely, but being far less Aspy I can get the images out of my head.

She also finds augmented breasts rather depraved.
About which I have heard too much.
Let's not talk about it.

Low crotch jeans with bony runt buns, the lean stringy frame of a heroin addict, and clothing that stays on by faith alone.
Yes, that we can discuss.


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