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Tuesday, April 03, 2018


Someone -- an optimist -- tried posting unsolicited medical advice in the comment field set aside for personal messages (helpfully designated here-under as "letterbox"). Naturally I did not approve the comment for publication. Despite the large number of my readers who may be diseased, or mentally and physically embarrassing, I judged it not in the general interest.

Still. Rhetorical question. I have to ask.

Are you bleeding from an orifice?

Because if you are, you may have Marburg. Or Hanta Fever. Or something else which renders you problematic in public, a right mess, and may contribute to your anger issues.

Personally, I do not know anyone who bleeds from their orifices.
What with not being a dentist or an orificialist.

Are YOU bleeding from any orifices?!?

There are several people of various types that I know.
I have not asked them this question.
Probably won't do so.

Safety first.

Years ago an acquaintance was insanely worried that Obama would get us all killed by letting in travellers from West-Africa. At that time I told him that orificial bleeding might be a sign. I forgot to mention oral surgery.

I hope you are not bleeding.
Please let me know.

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