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Wednesday, April 18, 2018


The dumplings were exceptionally enjoyable, and truly delicious with a drizzle of fried oil. Precisely what the doctor recommended. But they faded into insignificance once I left the place, although that wasn't until Grant Avenue. After I finished my very late lunch (5 PM) I lit up my pipe and wandered down the street, casually people-watching.

When I was near Clay and Grant, a woman smiled at me.
A lovely smile. Sweet. Beautiful.
So pretty!

I am a sucker for smiles. And though it was only in passing, and barely glimpsed, it made quite an impression.

It was probably the pipe. You don't often see people smoking pipes anymore. So I should definitely go down there again with my pipe.
Other than that, there may not be anything remarkable about me.

The dumplings, for your information, were hargau, fan gwo, chyu yiuk siu mai, and a ja wu gok. Oh, and gaau choi gau. They make the best gaau choi gau. There was still some chive stuck between my molars.
Fried oil adds a saveur.

And a lovely smile improves everything.

Trust me on this.

In a while I will head out for a late lunch again. Perhaps some jook and a yautiu. And then a pipe. People watching.

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