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Sunday, April 08, 2018


At an hour when decent people are asleep, I stood before the bathroom mirror posing. Eh, the old dude still got it! Of course it helped that I had spent the while before in a place with people who were intoxicated.
Young. Hormonal. Over-stimulated. And just ... so. Precisely.
My arthritis would kick in, and I was hesitant.
I did not wish to leap into the dark.

It is, always, better to demur.

Three lovely young ladies had, in that badly lit environment, introduced themselves. And according to the bartender, two other fine female persons wished to buy me a drink, both of which I turned down.

I'm sorry, I am not what the doctor ordered.
I'm antique, and quite unsuitable!

Years ago, Savage Kitten was 'hesitant'. And I, in a sudden fit of wisdom, had applied myself to pursuit. It was the wisest thing that I could do, and even though we are no longer a couple I have no reason for regret.

That, more than anything else, determines the future.
You should act according to your standards.
And those of the people you respect.

It must be my recent haircut.
It makes me look good.

Well dang.

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