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Saturday, March 09, 2013


Brash young men infest drinking holes on Polk Street. On weekend evenings their excessive behaviour eventually leads to committing unpleasant acts in the doorways of nearby buildings. No, nothing procreative, merely eliminative.
Fortunately they cannot stumble far uphill, and people who live in the upper reaches are rarely exposed to these 'prestations'. Those nights are when good folk find places of refuge, and the pagans come out.

I myself tend to hide out elsewhere on those days. When I was still in my early twenties, I too sometimes indulged a little more than was wise. Not very often though, as being in complete control of my senses and sensibilities has always been high on my list of values. I suspect that even then that wasn't considered normal. Apparently, despite having been raised in the Netherlands, where almost everything is permitted and riotous behaviour is common, I did not consume nearly enough alcohol and illicit substances. Several of my fellow Americans have upon hearing this wondered incredulously what on earth was wrong.
Well, you know, I'm not into that.

But I honestly don't mind watching other people doing stupid things.
On occasion. From a safe distance. Beer and hormones, whoopee.

So please, be yourself.

As brash as you wish.

Other than indulging overmuch in pipe-tobacco, and sometimes excessive quantities of tea, I lead a rather calm life. My idea of a fun is going to a small restaurant somewhere, having something tasty to eat, then loading up a pipe-full of aged Virginia flake OR a nice smelly Latakia blend, and heading out into the foggy city to look for tea and a book to read. As far as I'm concerned, that is far more enjoyable than any orgy.

You will note that at present it is Saturday Evening.

Would you care to guess what I'm doing right now?

I'll give you a hint: it does NOT involve sex or booze.

Both of those things can be quite enjoyable my heavens yes, and one of them even leads to fevered dreams and thrilled trembling. But neither of these are at all costs must haves.
I'm in favour of whiskey in moderation.
And romance, in the unlikely eventuality of it ever happening.
The civilized man is never desperate, and does not leap on the nearest beer keg or sweet young thing just because his eyes are open. There might be objections if he did, and he would regret it the next morning.
Passionate behaviour must be well-considered.
Based on sober inspiration alone.
And the perfect woman.

[The Perfect Woman: something which is statistically impossible. How many people read even one book a month that isn't required by a class or their job? Someone who reads for pleasure is an anomaly nowadays. And beyond that, her conversation and conduct inspire respect and consideration. Such a woman is also remarkable in OTHER ways. This blogger knows of four people who exemplify the pattern: Susie Derkins, Akane Tendo, Audrey Hepburn, and Cherie Chung Chu-hong. Go figger.]

A good time is not based on intoxicants, nor on a fashionable night spot.
Conversation, a smile, and an active mind are the only necessary things.

As well as, possibly, having something to eat at a nice little restaurant, then leaving together for tea, or a bit of reading in a quiet place.

I am not brash.

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