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Thursday, March 07, 2013


There were four intoxicated European gentlemen at the cigar club that evening. It was a Sunday, and I suspect that they were in town for the internet security conference scheduled in the week ahead. All four of them represented precisely the kind of people you do not want in charge of your personal data.
The term gentlemen, in this case, is mis-applied.
They were complete bounders.

Boys, no matter your overcharged hormones and flawed education, can you at least act civilized? Yes, I know most of the young men on the other side of the Atlantic are sexually twisted and completely dysfunctional, besides generally thinking of women as things to be used, abused, and discarded, but can you please try to remember that you are in San Francisco?
This isn't Europe.

Really, a modicum of gallantry is not so hard. Talking about your favourite depravities with your Euro-trash buddies will not create a good impression. Certainly not if your common tongue is English, and we have to listen in.
Everything you so blithely shared with everyone who could not tune you out indicated that Fins and Spaniards might well be irredeemably vile.
What I had to hear proved you scum; you aren't fit for civilized society.
You have no manners, no morals, and not a shred of decency.
Do your wives and mothers know how evil you are?
How about the company that employs you?

I really wish European companies would think about the people they send over here to represent them at conventions and trade shows. We already have a fairly low opinion about not particularly hygienic snobs from Neanderthalia; sending us more despicable excuses for humanity will not improve matters.

I may have on this blog occasionally spoken ill of the French. And for that my apologies are in order. So far the ONLY old-worlders who have NOT shown themselves unmitigated human sewage are the French and Italians.
The rest do not particularly impress.

In future, dear Europe, please keep your people.
But send us your beer and whisky.
They're rather good.

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