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Wednesday, March 06, 2013


I am the cream-filled bun of your dreams, I am just about packed with goodness. Meaning that I am up to sixty percent water, and the brain is in the vicinity of seventy percent -- a very moist organ -- though if you are female, you have less moisture than I do. Compared to men, women are a bit dry. Feel free to look it up. And no, I shall not tell you what berserk internet search yielded these facts. That will just have to remain a mystery to intrigue you.

On the same day I found this out, someone else searched the internet looking for "dimsum cream bun name". Which brought them directly to me.
Specifically, this post: DIM SUM.



What bun were they looking for?
Probably the 奶皇飽 (naai wong bau): steamed custard bun.

But that isn't the only item you might find at a tea house which contains rich dairy filling, there are also these:
奶黃馬拉卷 (naai wong maa laai kuen): steamed custard rolled cake.
菠蘿奶王飽 (po lo naai wong bau): custard pineapple bun.
朱古力瑞士卷 (chyu gu lik sui si kuen): Chocolate Swiss roll made with chocolate in the dough and a whipped cream filling.
瑞士卷 (sui si kuen): Swiss roll; sheet cake spread with cream and jam, rolled up, and cut in circular slices.


About the best steamed custard buns one can say this: "譁,咁非凡啦,蛋黃味同奶味配搭剛剛好,又香又滑啊,真想食幾個㗎啦喎!"
'Wow, this is exceptional! The custard is just perfect, fragrant and smooth;
I really wanna scarf down several of these!'
[Wah, gam fei-faan laa, daan-wong mei tong naai mei puidaap gong-gong hou, yau heung yau gwat ah, jan seung sik gei go ge-le-woh!]
There are superlatives in that sentence.

For the other items listed, you will often find that 蛋黃味與奶味 are also 配搭剛剛好. But more than likely, they will be encountered in a Chinatown bakery, rather than a regular tea house.

In my own personal case, the daan-wong (蛋黃 egg-yolk) and naai-mei (奶味 cream-taste) are not nearly so well balanced. Probably too great a water content (水含量太高了 seui haam-leung taai gou le).
Rich in both protein and calories, though.
Likely somewhat imperfect.
Not superlative.


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