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Sunday, March 10, 2013


Assemblyman Marc Levine of San Rafael has proposed that Californians shall not smoke in their own homes, if they live in apartment buildings or condos. Assembly Bill 746 would ban smoking in multi-occupant dwellings, anywhere less than twenty feet of such places, and within one hundred feet of playgrounds, schools, or pools.

Marc Levine, clearly, is a fascist.

In that he is not unusual in the great state of California.

This is where vast herds of thundering do-gooders attempt to make life miserable for everyone. Recent proposals have singled-out various foods and materials, local ordinances prohibit even more, and smarmy puritans of every stripe insist that I shall bag my garbage in several separate ways, only eat responsibly, not wear perfume, eschew leather and ALL animal products, boycott certain states and countries, practice random acts of senseless love or whatever that ridiculous phrase is, dispose of bio-waste and post-consumer recycled substances in an anal-retentive fashion, and drink only wholesome green-earth fair trade stimulants.
We shall indignantly avoid sharkfin, codfish, veal, foie gras, Bambi and his pal Thumper, horse meat, bacon, non fully self actualized chicken, or corn syrup, while excoriating any one who consumes those things, and places where that consumption is still possible.
In lieu of all those dead white males, you shall read The Colour Purple.
You MUST vote one way or be shunned for all eternity, and you will NOT use large parts of the English language we were all blessed with because the noble tongue contains terms that are racist, sexist, ageist, patriarchist, heteroist, speciesist, or hurtful to lesbians and morons.

Our greatest contribution to civilization is invasive selfrighteousness, and benevolently instructing lesser mortals and people who are not with the program on how they should live.

Frankly, no.

I'll support one or two causes only. I am totally aware of all those other issues, but I no longer give a damn.

Steak is a sacrament, I shall light up a big fat stogie afterwards, and I'm heading down to the kids' playground to teach them inappropriate words while smoking.

Several years ago I was having a cigarillo on my way to work when some bloated wheatgermsnarfing earthmother type saw me on the sidewalk, and screamed venomously "thank you SO much for RUINING my lungs!"
I responded "you're very welcome, ma'am".

I should have bashed her arrogant head in. If you're going to object to tobacco while next to three lanes of fume-spewing near-standstill rush-hour traffic, in a city where the sewer system emits noxious gasses for six months during the dry season and violently unbalanced individuals roam the streets because we don't fund loonie bins and care facilities for the psychotic and the drug-addled, then you deserve to die a painful death.

Our educational system is spiralling out of control and producing graduates less literate than the child-soldiers in Liberia, our healthcare system is both more dangerous and more financially damaging than just quietly dying of the plague would be, our streets are littered with fast-food styrofoam, faeces, and gibbering addicts, most of our politicians are socially indistinguishable from criminals whether it involves real-estate schemes, child-pornography, or sexual and financial favours traded for influence, several of our urban areas are war-zones where gangs shoot more passers-by in their drug battles than the richly deserving members of the other side........

The list of things which SHOULD be tackled is endless; California is a dump and a failed state. And it's people like Marc Levine who make it so.
Him, and the vast herds of thundering do-gooders.

Oh but do keep huffing medical grade marijuana.
It's therapeutic.

Besides, anyone opposing pot is probably just an elderly patriarchalist who eats plastic and whales.

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  • At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The folks that are coming out of the public school system down here cannot read cursive handwriting. They just don't teach it anymore. I have to use print or it get's returned as unreadable handwriting. All of my children now attend a private school becuase I don't have time to home school them and I can't trust the Florida school system. I got a great education from the California public schools system. But that was back in the 60's when the first round of nut jobs were still at University. I'm guessing it's the same all over now days. Almost forgot, the public schools are now cutting out a bunch of history becuase it saves money. It's like it never happened. There is much more but you get the idea. Our children are coming out of University...well not very well educated. Really I would laugh about how stupid they are if it wasen't so sad.


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