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Somebody on the Facebook page for pipe smokers today whined that there were too many selfies, pictures of pipes, and mentions of recent tobacco purchases. What he wanted was information! Nothing but good solid knowledge and data, soberly presented, and nothing else at all.
He wished to have the admins see to that.

Dude .....

Just scroll right on past it. There is both everything and nothing to see here. The drama is in your own head. There is very much on the internet that I do not wish to read, but I neither expect nor demand that it not be posted.
The internet is a grand garbage dump, and attentive reading means that sometimes you must NOT read. Or watch.

For instance, I always deliberately ignore videos of Trump, rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, Rachael Ray, and Vani Hari. There's a word for shite like that.

I do watch kitten videos. But I don't expect everyone to do so.

He mentioned "the last six tobaccos purchased".
As a subject of particular irritation.
Why did people do that?!?

So I posted a little something there.

"Please list the last six pipe tobaccos you bought. I'll start: Pease's Stonehenge Flake, Montgomery, Laurel Heights; Dunhill's Dark Flake, Ready Rubbed. Gawith's Golden Glow."

It caught on.

Tim: C&D Bayou Morning Flake, Five Brothers, C&D Crooner (2oz out of curiosity,) C&D Bayou Morning (one pound in bulk,) Sutliff Balkan II (my mainstay at the local head shop which serves as the closest thing to an actual tobacconist,) Samuel Gawith Kendal Cream (I have discovered that I like Lakelands.)

Silvestre: Pease SixPence,and JackKnife Plug, Dunhill 3 Year Mature Virginia, Gawith and Hogarth Black Irish X, Daughters and Ryan AP and AB.

Markus: I'll try a list in reverse chronological order: Mac Baren Mixture Flake, some local blend by Thomas Holzkunst Darasz, C&D Constellation, C&D Star of the east gold, Capstan blue, DTM's The Mellow Mallard.

Adam: Wessex Brown Virginia, Dunhill Dark Flake, McClelland St. James Woods, Butera Royal Vintage Mature Ribbon, McClelland 2025, and Fribourg and Treyer Cut Virginia Plug. Haha, a bit of a trend there I guess.

Gunnar: Mac Baren Golden Extra, C&D Crooner, Mac Baren Vintage Syrian, McConnel Honey Dew, Paul Olsen Pure Burley, Samuel Gawith Black Forest.

Jared: Father Dempsey, Old Dog, Key Largo, Dominican Glory, Stokkebye Black Coffee and HH Dark Fired I think.

Rob: Pure Semois (green), C&D Tuggle Hall, C&D Bow Legged Bear, GLP Gaslight, C&D Captain Earlie's 10 Russians.

Chris: Reverse order (trying think☺): And So To Bed, Vintage Syrian, Gawith's Balkan Flake, Quiet Nights, Triple Play.

Maybe. I don't buy that often so it's over nearly six months I'd say.

Tony: Scottish Cake, Scottish Flake, 40th Anniversary, St. James Woods, Virginia Woods and Dunbar.

Steve: Quiet Nights, Jack Knife Ready Rubbed, HH Bold Kentucky, Pirate Kake, Night Train, and Billy Budd.

Al: Old Joe Krantz, Black Twist Sliced, Brown Twist Sliced, Irish Flake, Peretti Dundee, Billy Budd.

Andrew: Local B&m blend Riegels Baker Street, another Rielgels Danish Heather, Drew estate Gatsby Luxury Flake, Peter Stokkebye 3 Cherry Blend, Frog Morton. Oh and Riegels Thee blend!

That's twelve respondents, six tobaccos each. I am still waiting for Mary, Kaz, Adrian, Jerome, Mason, and others, to chip in, which I hope they will. Seeing what all these people are smoking is fascinating.
Gage and Oullette will be particularly interesting.

By the way: a selfie below.

Lagniappe: Here's a tobacco review of by Justin at 'The Tobacco Diaries':
Samuel Gawith Skiff Mixture

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