Friday, February 23, 2018


What does every one wish from their own ethnic group? Other than a mutual support society, validation, and a sense that one belongs? As a Dutchman living in the barbaric wilderness surrounded by scalping savages ethnociding the natives of course I won't get any of that -- "how can you even bear living among those barbarians slaughtering Indians, we've watched 'Bonanza' and read Karl May?!!?" -- and my last trip to Europe was marked by the locals there sneering at my provenance, smack-talking about everything American, and stating unsubtly that I was, because I was a "Yank", responsible for the death of native populations, destruction of ancients cultures, human sacrifice, slavery, and McDonald's.

Dare I mention that all of Great Britain has more McDonald's and KFC proportionally or statistically than Northern California? Probably not. England has chipper vans and fried fish and chips places like you wouldn't believe, plus Haggis and shepherd's pie, which negates all their Yank-o-crap-food preferences big-time.They're "pure". Or sumping.

We Americans are frikkin' barbarians.
Oh, and our 'political culture!'
Yeah, nothing, man.

"Characters described as Native Americans are usually portrayed as innocent victims of white law-breakers."

[SOURCE: Karl May, Wikipedia]

My earliest American ancestors have been here since 1630. The English side come over in the 1670s. We're older than much of your sh*t.
Please get hosed. 'Napoleonically'.

Same goes for Canadians. Bunch of those at the bar last night.

Shove some KFC up your "Molsons".

Evenso. Sometimes one takes pride in behaviour of one's Old World kin.

"Noh finished the race nearly four full seconds after her teammates did. Cameras showed Kim and Park walking away after the race as Noh cried in the infield of the Gangneung Oval. She was comforted only by her Dutch coach, Bob de Jong."

[SOURCE: South Koreans call for speedskaters to be booted from Olympics.]

Courtesy, Gallantry, and an attitude of fair-play. Bravo. Dude.
There are times when one is proud to be "Dutch".
They're pissants and assholes.
But chivalrous.

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