Thursday, February 15, 2018


A friend is bellyaching about his boss, who is a Filipino woman. Which is a Filipina. As a general rule, one should avoid having a Filipina boss, because once they're in a position of power, they become precious little egomaniacs. They dispense favouritism and throw their pudgy weight around.
And they're dangerous.

Yeah, I know that sounds bigoted as all heck.
And frankly, I don't give a damn.
I've worked with them.

Bear in mind that I've had wonderful times in the Philippines. The food was great, the people were terrific, and despite the fact that as a white person I smell bad they treated me with warmth and courtesy.
Exactly as if I were a real human.

I can understand why people love the place and its people.

But I've been a little too close for comfort.

Filipinas resemble sharks.

On the other hand, if you have Filipina "aunties", you are in luck. That is immense good fortune, and you should understand how blessed you are.

No, I have no strategy for avoiding a Filipino/a boss. Other than not taking a job if there are Filipinas working there. To that end, don't work in any of the city government departments, and don't apply at clothing stores. Also stay away from the Walgreens in my neighborhood, as well as any of the big Anglo banks in San Francisco.

And remember, the ONLY reason to visit Daly City is for the food. Lumpia, embutido, morcon, kare kare, pansit, lechon kawali, brazo de Mercedes, ensemada, avocado shakes ..... And some places even have sisig!
Precisely like at night along the estero.

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