Monday, February 19, 2018


Mr. Badger is sitting in his easy chair with his laptop nearby, wondering whether he should risk lighting up a bowl of tobacco inside. Instead of going out to the sidewalk for a smoke and freezing his furry tuchus off. On the one hand, Savage Kitten in her room would no doubt come bounding out to kvetch and scratch..... On the other hand, glutei maximi turning blue, uncontrollable shivering, and screaming randomly at passers-by.
Which of these?

Mr. Badger is a coward. Savage Kitten is someone whom he trusts around his stuff, has never rifled my files looking for the discharge from the special forces or the loony bin, and will chew the leg off of anyone who tries to break and enter. Then club them with the bloody stump.

So outside it will have to be.

I'll probably wear the heavy overcoat I got for the last time I was in Canada. There has not been an occasion to take it out of the closet since then. It kept me warm sitting on benches smoking my pipe during freezing weather.
Yeah, it makes me look like a tree stump, but the alternative is going out to the steps with a blanket and looking like a street person camping out.
An extremely bad tempered street person.
Possibly rabid.

The neighbors would likely call the cops.

I do NOT wish to start my weekend with mixed nuts under 72 hour observation. Forcibly washed and shaved, too.

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