Monday, February 05, 2018


Somewhere a wild animal is grinning to himself. Because despite the monkeys watching teevee in the lounge yesterday, with their snotty attitude and utter disregard for any other creatures, despite their flinging poo while snarfing bananas, despite their being utter blisters AND supporting the wrong team, yesterday was an all-right kind of day.

No, Mr. Badger did not watch the game. I'll just imagine that it was fabulous and a cliffhanger like all previous games of its kind.

Yesterday upon returning home Mr. Badger fixed himself lunch, and cracked open a tin of truly excellent tobacco, the smell of which, fecund and complex, spoke of forest glades, slanting sunlight, sunny days, the herbs of spring and the hues of autumn, temperate weather, and the finer moments in life, such as for instance after tea time when twilight starts.

Great smokes, honeybun!

Followed by a jaunt to the karaoke bar later to dawdle in the downstairs portico, long after dark, enjoying another bowlful.

Instead of tea, I made coffee. Because I didn't want to go over to Chinatown for a cup of gong sik naai cha (港式奶茶) as I would on a day of leisure.
Such as Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday. It felt too late for that.
Though it was still light.


Haven't smoked this product in a few months, as I've been having tonnes of fun with both Montgomery, and Laurel Heights (which has more red Virginia, and is more subtle), as well as revisiting two of my own blends.

Also Telegraph Hill, but there was only one tin.
Same with Fillmore.

Mr. Badger irritatingly switches back and forth between first person singular and third person fictional with the greatest of ease.

Facilitated by good tobacco.

Started the day with Laurel Heights, which was also the last pipe while at work. Three hours later lighted up the first bowl of Stonehenge. Sheerly wonderful. Last smoke of the day was also that flake.

[FILLMORE: A well-made broken Flake. LAUREL HEIGHTS: Virginias with a discreet hint of Latakia. A complex mixture which is very nice after the first bowl or two. It is rather subtle.
LOMBARD: Virginias with a light addition of Latakia and Perique. An old-fashioned blend. MONTGOMERY: Top shelf! Virginias, and a touch of firecured. TELEGRAPH HILL: Virginia and Perique. Complex, but not assertive. A jolly good smoke.]

[Yeah, I think I'll start avoiding the karaoke bar. I realize that by their hip standards I'm just the old fart who hangs around, and not quite worth treating like an equal. And I resent being asked to klink glasses when you gave every one else a shot to klink with. Twice. And even three or four times, for your "friends". Next to me on both sides. 屌你嘅。]

Three cups of coffee between leaving work and bed time.
And twirling, twirling, twirling!

Today should be good.


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