Saturday, February 10, 2018


Like many of you I have friends who live in different places, so just for the hell of it I looked up what the weather is like there during the day. Here in San Francisco, of course, everything is hunky dory. At the moment this is the best part of the universe, and most conducive to human comfort.

Please don't move here.


SF: Balmy mid sixties (63°F). No precipitation. Zephyrs.
New York: Freezing (0°C). Wet.
Chicago: Bloody cold. And wet.
Vancouver, BC: Miserable, but not wet.
Hong Kong: Warmer (66°F) and wetter than SF.
Singapore: Considerably warmer (84°F) than HK, not as wet.
Hamburg: Like Chicago, not as wet by half.
Amsterdam: Warmer than the Germans (36°F). Wetter too.
Antwerp: Meh, nothing to recommend it.
Zurich: Like a'dam, but less rain.
Conway, SC: Very much like SF right now, but wetter.
Fujian: Will be as warm as us in a few days.
Shanghai: Not as warm.
Beijing: Kind of unpleasant.

Florida, where the window frogs are, is a dozen degrees warmer than here.

In Ireland, Reykjavik, Novgorod, and Stavanger, it is absolutely beastly.
No wonder those people are crazy and smell mildewed.
They might as well shift to Glasgow.
The food is better.

You can tell from these results that the Bay Area and the South China Coast are very nice places to be right now. Here in the city we have more bars and coffeeshops per capita than anywhere else. We're drunk, and we read a lot.
Tobacco is severely restricted, but potent strains of marijuana are widely and legally available. Many of us are out of our minds.
And we might be naked.

Bangalore (Karnataka), where Sunny V. C. represents the fraternity, is a lot like Singapore this time of year, but there is some rain, and the authorities are not nearly as stiff-arsed about smoking and spitting.

In Bombay and Poona it is too hot.
And the middle of the day.
Ice cream time.


As a side note to Joe F., I have finished the sample of Yorktown that you sent me. It was delicious. Whether or not I can get Brian to order it, I will acquire more. The first bowl was unexceptional, but after a little drying it became stellar. For a straight Virginia product it was a wonderful smoke, as a blending component I might experiment by adding up to four or five percent Perique or Firecured. Or both, in different proportions.
I think Adrian in Hong Kong would like it.
As a change from Elizabethan.

It is similar to Virginia Woods.
But much better.

JimInks on Tobacco Reviews hit it right on the head.
So did SteelCowboy.

And like BrittPark wrote, smoke slow.
Which is always good advice.


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