Saturday, February 03, 2018


Just what every hospital needs; a bionic orderly. Today Little White Nipple Dude visited us again, and told a long convoluted tale about when he was in the medical field, before he reverted to his other science, that being physics. Which allowed him to use the giant blowers in the laboratory to remove all traces of smoke after he had enjoyed a cigar. Which was a Havana.

[Little White Nipple Dude = L.W.N.D.]

He has a rich inner life. That he insists on sharing.
Sometimes I am a remarkably patient man.
Damned near saintly.

A few weeks before he nearly killed someone who threatened him, with a wet lighter. The cotton had not absorbed any water from the lake.

In addition to being a surgeon and physicist, he is also an engineer, an astronaut, and a jet-fighter pilot. And a race car driver. As well as an expert on Cuban tobacco. Which is, of course, why the dear man doesn't know beans about other products.


Medium full-bodied, smooth, spicy. It is exceptionally well made. Brazilian and Nicaraguan leaf. The reason for the name is the age of the wrapper (18-year-old sun-grown Brazilian Arapiraca). From the Agio (Wintermans) factory in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic. Distributed by Drew Estate.

I only mention this to show that there are other things in life besides Cuban cigars and Little White Nipples. Admittedly, Little White Nipples are VERY important -- one really cannot refill one's Dunhill lighter without the cunning adapter colloquially know as 'Little White Nipple' -- and Cubanos are a fit subject for extensive distiquisition, but good lord, man.
That dull droning voice of yours!
Good lord.

The Balmoral Añejo 18 is a very fine cigar.

Little White Nipples are a minor(!) thing.

Unless you have little white bosoms.

If you do, don't prove it to us.

Keep them private.

Last anybody heard, L.W.N.D. was an orderly at a hospital.
Can't light up his Cubans on the premises.
No giant blowers.

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