Thursday, March 22, 2012


A few weeks ago I was at an event which Greg Pease also attended.
He had brought a sample of his latest blend, and several of us dove in happily.
After smoking several bowls in quick succession, I asked for the rest of the tin.
I am greedy and an opportunist at times, as well as a cheapskate Dutchman.
This was too good to pass up.

It's like smoking an orgasm.

Excellent stuff.

I've smoked many more bowls from the liberated stash since then.
And gloated to the Porpoise that it is good.
Really really good.

[The Porpoise is one of the other local pipe smokers.  Not a real cetacean, please understand.  And no one has ever seen him swimming in the bay, although David at the wall claims that he found him making dolphin-like noises.]

A woman I shared some with likened it to filet mignon.
Her eyes closed while she smoked.
Utter bliss.

[She's already happily married (and a cigar smoker to boot), so don't get any ideas.]

Latakia and a number of other tobaccos, including something with a somewhat high nicotine content. Rich and lovely, and very satisfying.


"A classic mixture harmoniously interwoven with a Navy flake. Ripe Virginia tobaccos, Cypriot Latakia, fine Orientals, and a touch of dark-fired Kentucky leaf, infused with a hint of dark rum, then gently pressed, matured, and sliced. Rich, bold and satisfying. "

This presents a marvelous smell when you open the container.  Deep, dark, and riotously vegetal.
The smokiness is complex but by no means overpowering.  This is not a Latakia dump - I have my own ideas about the percentage - but it will make most Latakia smokers happy, along with a very great number of people who veer towards a broader spectrum of tobaccos than just English blends.
It is smooth, but not bland.
The nose-whiff is hard to describe.  Chocolate plum pudding, slightly burnt?  Grilled meat with a dab of sauce?  Chilies drying in the sun?  Old fashioned red-coloured carnauba wood polish?  A peaty single malt?
Something nice in the kitchen?
All of these.
Spring, summer, and autumn all together.

No, I shan't say what I think the leaf components are, nor in what proportion.  Primarily because with a product like this I'm bound to be wrong.  After making the smoker happy, it renders down to a velvety ash.

I do not know if it will age nicely, but I think it will.
Placing an order for ten tins with Cornell & Diehl.
Then pressuring the local tobacconist to stock up.


No idea whether my roommate will notice if I smoke this in the teevee room late at night.  If she does, she'll probably think I did something wicked in there.  Especially when she catches the grin on my face.
A knowing self-satisfied smirk, nay, a veritable gloat.
I ate the canary.  I also stole the smoked salmon.
And I found out where you hid the catnip.
The cream is gone too. All of it.
This is excellent tobacco.


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Arno said...

You are a "geluksbal" sir! I have to be at the front of the stampede when tis tobacco hits the (online) shelves..

Phillip Minden said...

Man! I had just made up my mind to rehydrate all of those leftovers before I allow myself to think about buying new tobacco, and I don't smoke that often.

Anonymous said...

"Like smoking an orgasm"

Wow. Says something about sex.
I guess I'll have to try it now, having avoided the female of the species for all of thirty years.

Gary said...

Nice post which smoking several bowls in quick succession, It is asked for the rest of the tin.
It is greedy and an opportunist at times, as well as a cheapskate Dutchman. This was too good to pass up.Thanks a lot for posting this article.

The back of the hill said...

Please note that the comment immediately above presents a new twist on the spammatic seed, being a partial quotation, seemingly independent, but in fact guiding the intrepid towards a commercial site.

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