Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Actually, that was last night.  That I couldn't feel my fingers.  By the time I got home my fingertips were blueish.
A very attractive shade in fact.  Which was an aesthetic improvement over half an hour previously, when they looked like they had been fished out of the East River.

Do you know how hard it is to smoke when you've got Raynaud's Phenomenon?
It took nearly an hour for the darn things to return to normal.


Yesterday evening Shimon Peres spoke at Temple Emmanuel, and Lily Haskell's harem of angry young men was out on the street screaming their little lungs out.
They probably had to launder their clothes afterwards.
All those soggy diapers.
Quite the orgy.

[Lily Haskell: operative in charge of the Arab Resource  and Organizing Center (A. R. O. C.), and liaison with the potentially murderous fringe at UC Berkeley and SF State University, among many other dubious things. She and other instinctive Jew-haters had called for a massive 'unwelcome' demonstration. Massive means underwhelming.]

The main group of cretins and incendiarists stood at Cherry and Clay Streets, in front of the police barricades two blocks from the venue, screaming, waving, glowering, and glaring.  It was a cold night, so their incestuous clustering together MAY have been for warmth. 
Either that or to harmonize their hate.
Is everyone on the same key?
Mi mi mi mi miiiiiii!

At California and Arguello, however, there was a smaller more restrained group, comprised primarily of mis-informed Jewish women with pamphlets, insisting that a respected Nobel Peace laureate was a war-mongering apartheid-racist and despot. 
They probably confused him with one of the other people who've been given that prize.
Shan't say who - yemach shemo.

I stood at California and Arguello for over an hour. I was the only one with an Israeli flag there. 
Because I enjoy goading the ignorant.

Got called a "f***ing c*nt" by an Englishman (a credit to his erstwhile nation and British expats everywhere - that's why we love them), a "racist faggot" by a young unwashed passerby, and several even more unprintable names by various pro-Palestinian individuals who similarly did not have either the ability or the wit to express themselves with greater than gutter-trash eloquence in their own native tongue.
A number of those native speakers of English were Arab Americans.
Can one be mono-lingual in less than one language?

[Lest you think that ALL of the anti-Israel crowd who came to protest were of that ilk, it should be mentioned that some of them were actually very nice young men.  Yes, wrong, but still very decent folks.  In particular the three youthful Arab Americans that tried to engage us in conversation at Cherry and Clay - I had gone over there once I could no longer feel my fingers - who were sincere and courteous, and after I explained the vaso-constricted digit thing, wished us good night and good luck. I promised them that some day, under better circumstances,  we would finish the conversation.]

After the protests had ended a number of young yobbos along the road acted coarse and threatening, but savages showing their arse in public are easy to ignore.
One rather expects foul language from some people.
That's how their mothers raised them.

There was an raggedy mob of their blood-brothers misdemeaning near the gas station at the intersection.
They didn't actually come close, because there were five of us walking down the street.
Five somewhat stubborn people, four of whom were no longer young.
And as they themselves didn't actually outnumber us more ten to one (well, maybe they did), it might have been rather an iffy proposition for them.   
You can understand the threat we presented.

Their type always has issues.
And sisters.

Fun and games from 5:45 PM till 7:45 PM.

The anti-Israel action was scheduled for 5:30, but as most of us have gainful employment, our side could not possibly arrive at precisely that time to counter-demonstrate the hate-spewing. 
And obviously we have NO appeal among the shiftless and insane in this city.
Nor among delicious sweaty boys named Abdoullah.
I guess we'll have to work on that.

In complete contrast with the anti-Israel side, a huge number of random passers-by reacted positively to my Israeli flag at California and Arguello, and there were far more people attending Shimon Peres' speech than demanding mega-Jew-death outside.
That's not counting the thousands who couldn't get in because of limited capacity.
Clearly a majority support Israel's right to exist.
I'd count that as a definite victory.
Especially in San Francisco.

No, I have no idea what Peres talked about.
I don't deal with speeches well.
Transcripts, I'll read.

One minor recommendation:  next time PLEASE schedule talks by world leaders for warmer weather.  September is usually very nice, so is October.  If that conflicts with certain important dates on your calendar, perhaps try May or June (but please, NOT summer).  Not only will the maladjusted young people with issues caused by their mothers and sisters and female farm animals appreciate it, so will the rest of us.
It is MUCH easier to light up when my fingers aren't death-pallor white.
Or blue.
I could even smoke a pipe under those circumstances.
Instead of fumbling with my cigarillos.
Oppressive Zionist cigarillos.

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Makabit said...

I'm glad your circulation came back.

We definitely need more delicious sweaty boys in this operation. I don't care what their names are. They can carry signs and stuff.

Anonymous said...

The bovine Sara Kirshnar, unable to actualize her plans to disrupt the synagogue, pranced about with her usual inane chants. Interesting how the anti-Israel "peace activists" outside chanted "from the River to the sea', calling for the end of Israel while the "pro war Zionist colonialist" inside the synagogue, Simon Peres called for a solution that would yield two states for two people.

The back of the hill said...

Sounds less bovine than it does asinine.

Gaza Ted said...

Do you by any chance mean the Sara Kershnar in this article?

Isn't she wanted for impersonating a human?

Li'l Woofums said...

Yeah, that's the one. Charitably described as "a large handsome woman, with all the charm of a rabid pittbull."

Well, maybe not the large handsome woman part.

Anonymous said...

Why so much attention on the ungulates? Check out the new up and coming master of ceremonies, Zac Bhargouti. Have a taste of the word salad from this man's writing
"The Temple shall be restored to a righteous administration on The Day of Gathering, when we bring the walls down. Phase 1 of the Children of Israel’s reconnaissance mission in the greater jihad to liberate Palestine from the satanic geographical bondage of the –isms that ...insist on depleting communal energy is the identification of entry points for further reconnaissance efforts. These efforts shall culminate in establishing a strong and united greater Palestinian jihad to purify their State and purge the Temple from all man-made ills and the recycled rituals of the clergy through a Revolution of Heart. The turning of the tables is in order for year 2012, and the Temple in Jerusalem will be free from the empty rituals of the moneychangers. The Light of Allah illuminates the path toward a righteous administration of the Temple so that Islam may prevail over every inch of The Land of Israel. May we who have been waiting for each other raise the house of worship in Jerusalem in memory of the blessed young Christian men and their guard dog that were persecuted by the King of the Roman Empire. Salutes and rest in justice to The Seven Sleepers, The Dwellers of the Cave, The Owners of The Inscribed Gospel Al-Raqeem, true followers of Jesus Christ and warriors fighting together along with the Messiah of Israel in the revolution of the heart and the resurrection of the united nation of people."

I dont know about you, but my brain hurts.

Anonymous said...

"May we who have been waiting for each other raise the house of worship in Jerusalem in memory of the blessed young Christian men and their guard dog that were persecuted by the King of the Roman Empire"

Umm Wow. I like the cut of this man's jibberish.

Zac Barghouti, did you say?

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