Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Made the mistake of reading De Telegraaf during lunch - as usual, agida was the result.
An article mentioned an American Schoolteacher who was sentenced to twenty years for having sex with a thirteen year old boy.

Twintig jaar cel voor seks met leerling,1
IDAHO - Een Amerikaanse lerares is dinsdag door de rechtbank veroordeeld tot twintig jaar celstraf omdat ze seks had met een 13-jarige leerling.

[It's about a thirty seven year old school teacher in Idaho, Ashley Jo Beach, who had a torrid affair that lasted several months with a 13 year-old student - they sent each other nude pictures of themselves via cellphone in addition to banging up a storm.]


The key fact of the matter is that she molested a minor, and one who was her responsibility, nota bene. Irrespective of gender, that must be considered abuse of power and authority, in addition to child-rape.
It is quite clear-cut.

Of course, the Dutch, who know all there is to know about sexual abuse, do not see it that way. Well over half of the 155 comments underneath the article praise the woman and damn the country that sentenced her for raping a child - which in the eyes of over half of the commenters is only a minor matter, scarce deserving any punishment at all.

The United States, in their words, is a frightful puritan hell hole, and responsible for ninety percent of all misery in the world today.
We are the armpit of the planet, and pustulence personified.
And they feel good about saying that.

Many of the commenters feel that any punishment of the teacher for having an affair with a student is utterly ridiculous, and the severity of the punishment is beyond all reason.
Apparently it betrays our hypocrisy and a demented value system, we're a disgusting and appalling nation of pornographers and violent criminals, totally backward, unadvanced, retrograde, and uncivilized.

A fair number of the writers also laud the woman, and consider her a hero - both praiseworthy and commendable.

I have in the past rather indicated my feelings about the Dutch and their sexual predilections.......

[This post:
in which I damn them all as sexual degenerates and perverts of the worst order.
And this post:
where I take issue with Dutch attitudes towards American teenagers.
This post discusses European attitudes towards the sexual exploitation of women in general:
and mentions sexual slavery in the Netherlands in particular.]


But the bright side is that NOT ALL COMMENTERS underneath the article in De Telegraaf condemn us; several of the readers understand that a teacher abusing a position of power and authority is reprehensible. They also grasp that a mere slap on the wrist combined with community service, such as is common in the Netherlands for indecent acts with a minor, do not even begin to address the issue. Many even observed that the gender of the victim and the gender of the perpetrator are immaterial - if it should not happen to a thirteen year old girl, it should also not be done to a thirteen year old boy.

So while I would recommend not allowing any Europeans, especially the Dutch, anywhere near your children, I am pleased to report that they are not all utter degenerates. Not all of them.
There is an intelligent and civilized minority that has to put up with their countrymen and maintain their reason despite such dysfunctional neighbors.
That they manage to do so at all is commendable, that many of them do it so well is miraculous.

[There is even a Dutch website, Stop Kinderporno Nu ( which combats paedophilia and struggles to bring child-molestors to justice. What makes their task much more difficult than it should be is the incredibly light sentencing customary in the Netherlands for sex-crimes, even violent ones and repeat-offenses. A few weeks community service, or a talk with a social worker, are quite common. Gang rape usually means counseling for the perpetrators. Most sex-crimes in the Netherlands go unpursued, unprosecuted, and unpunished.]

If you are a young woman, it is probably not advisable to visit the Netherlands until they have changed their sexual dialectic. Or if you do, avoid drinking in bars at the very least, in order to avoid date-rape drugs.
But the same can be said for much of Europe, as well as parts of England, Mississippi, Georgia, and the third world.


Steffy said...

Or if you do, avoid drinking in bars at the very least

Like that den of iniquity you plan to open across the street from Lowell High School?

Steffy said...

Are the Dutch commenters jealous of the boy?


Den of inequity? It actually sounded rather nice. Complimentary lotions in the powder room and all.

Pass on the cigarillos, though. More likely to experiment with a Grant Patelian Virginia Flake. Whatever that is.

skeptically amphibious said...

Grant Patelian Bombay Flake, more like.

Chris said...

Somehow, this is funny, but more it is pityfull. When you know De Telegraaf then you know that most of it's readers are somehow insane and utterly filthy in theur words. They love to bash mmuslims, they love to see how this filthy newsmedium tries to nail people down. So when you say Europeans are not allowed near your children I would say do not ever let any citizen of the "allmighty" Gunited States of America near our European children cause they might get fat or shot. Think again before you think you know something about Europe, or shut your mouth till you learn a bit more about how all people in the world are just the same, ugh, Geronimo would say have a pipe af marihuana.

The back of the hill said...

My dear Chris,

I get the distinct impression that you neither know how to read critically, nor know how to use spell-check.

And as far as Europeans are concerned.... do you not wonder how an American comes to read De Telegraaf? I have lived over there, and a very large element of my bias and dislike of Europeans is based on that experience. In the years since I left, my exposure to Europeans in my work life, my social life, and while they visit San Francisco, has made me even more venomously inclined towards them.
So no, I shall not shut my mouth - I have no intention of hiding my fervent distaste for the Europeans in general, and the Dutch in particular, under stoelen of banken. Far too many people swallow that high-fallutin' guff about the Old-World, and still believe that the sun shines out of your collective asses.
It doesn't.

For your information, Geronimo didn't know what marijuana even was. But I am not at all surprised some Netherlander assumes that he did. After all, such substances account for a large percentage of tourism to the Netherlands (apart from the whores), and also support a substantial section of the economy of the Eindhoven region.
I understand violence against the authorities is rising in De Kempen, is that not so?
Mostly due to the drug trade. Can’t trust you lot with either weed or guns, evidently.

And personally, I've always found your children to be brutish unwashed little thugs. Wouldn't mind shooting the little shitheads, except that they move far too sluggishly to make satisfying sport.

Met bijzonder vriendelijke groeten, vooral voor een dag waarop het regent en deppressief is, blijf ik,


The back of the hill said...

For further enlightenment about the Dutch and their sexual attitudes:

It's about the trade in women flesh. Which, of course, is a major slice of their tourist industry.


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