Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Sometimes I like cruising into the Indymedia sites just to see what the hobbits are up to.
It hasn't been very productive recently, as many of them now neglect to put their announcements up - perhaps they no longer trust the big bad internet since the Jews and Masons have taken over.

But today, lucky strike!

Sunrise CodePINK:Women for Peace (RE) Commitment Ceremony
Friday January 01

6:30 AM - 8:00 AM

Sunrise (RE)Commitment Ceremony, New Year’s Day Jan 1, 2010, Ocean Beach, SF, 6:30am
Let’s begin our new year, our new decade, with an inspirational CodePINK: Women for Peace Sunrise (RE)Commitment Ceremony New Year’s Day. We will build a bonfire on the beach, sing, talk, chant, and revive our wills, fine tune our commitments, stoke our determination.

And the chanting will tell the flying saucers where to land!

Bring a log, a branch, a speck, a piece of paper, with you to this Sunrise Ceremony to throw onto the fire. Bring a blanket, your own cup for organic hot apple cider, dress warm, look for the PINK on Ocean Beach, west of Golden Gate Park!

For the cold, a fur coat or bearskin rug is probably best.
If you bring alcoholic beverages, make sure that they too are organic certified - you can tell by the soft golden aura around the bottle.

The next three months will be the MOST critical times of our lives in this country: we will get to determine if Congress grants President Obama BILLIONS more of our money to fund his proposed SURGE against Afghanistan! Or not!

We weren't succesfull against Bush and Cheney, but Obama is a wuss, and Congress is now dominated by our androids. If we lose AGAIN, it's surely because of the FreeMasons, the Bilderburgers, the Club of Rome, the Illuminati, and the Zionists.

What will WE do to ensure it is NOT? Let us (RE)commit ourselves on New Years Day, Friday, January 1st, to doing EVERYTHING in our power over the next three months – the beginning of this new decade, January, February, and March – to BLOCKING this war supplemental and thereby turning the tide of our wars once and for all.

Everything in our power includes chanting, tunnel hum, twirling clockwise AND counter-clockwise, shaking tortoise shell rattles, and pouting. We are all Medea Benjamin.

Do not worry about how, or when, or what it will cost, or whether it will work, or not. Worry about those things that are BLOCKING YOU from committing 100% to BLOCKING this funding.

Don't forget the certified organic hard liquor. It's crucial.

We will put all those reasons blocking us, from lethargy to depression to money to priorities to whatever into these logs and burn them, transforming whatever is holding us back into positive energies!

Positive karmic energy is better than electricity! And it's organic too! Wheeeee!

Call 510-540-7007 or email info bayareacodepink .org for more info, to help organize, to participate or just BE THERE!

Humm into our answering machine!


Ladies, don't forget to wear your tutus. Can't twirl without 'em.

"By expanding our awareness and intention of holding peas, being peas, speaking peas, we give voice and power to peas...... "


CodePink was mentioned previously elsewhere in connection with their two hour starvation per day in solidarity with tourists in Egypt - two hours entirely without food, each day, for three days this week, sitting on the sidewalk in front of the Egyptian Consulate - it's something existential or Zen, don't ask - so when I found that these dear, dear ladies of loose moorings were planning an earthmother chanting and pyromania party at the beach, I just had to smile.

Girls, I love you.
Such spotless minds.
Bonfires are very macho, by the way.

Like Frank Chiu and the Bush Man of Fishermans' Wharf, you CodePinkers are ambulatory landmarks, the contemporary equivalents of Emperor Norton.


Anonymous said...

Oh, ATBOTH, go with me! I have a stack of Boycott Ahava brochures I'd love to dispose of! The bon fire would be perfect! It would be so...so...cleansing!

Anonymous said...

This entire psot reflects an animouse attitude against honest political axtions. What are you, some kind of fukcing rightwinger neocon?

People like you out to be taken out and shot.

Anonymous said...

And you censer! Chicken.

Anonymous said...

Burn, bitch.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you

The back of the hill said...

People like you out to be taken out and shot.
'Oh mister De Mille, I'm ready for my close-up now.....'
I just LOVE photo ops!

And you censer! Chicken.
I have NEVER censered chicken! That's a lie. I have several censers, most of which get used for snow pear, sandalwood, and gaharu (a tropical swamp tree that has a nice dry resinous smell. Chicken, as is well known, is not suitable for incense.

Burn, bitch.
Smolder, bovine.

Fuck you
No thanks, I prefer not to have congress with whackdoodles.
It's a question of both priorities and common sense.

Anonymous said...

Re: Code Pink at the Egyptian Consulate: Today they wore giant puppet heads and held bloody dolls-a small child was so disturbed by the scene, that he started crying uncontrollably. His mother called the police.

Frightening small children. For shame Code Pink. For shame.

litigiously amphibious said...

Reviving their wills?

KODOS said...

Sisters, let us move forward, not backward, upward not forward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!

Steffy said...

By the way, the anonymous sister who left the bitchy comments can't spell. The foam from her lips got on the keyboard, huh?

Anonymous said...

"Reviving their wills?"

I wondered about that too.

I wonder if Code Pink is planning something really dramatic- after twirling naked on the beach, perhaps they'll rub Ahava
Ahava Moisturizer SPF 50 (available at www.AhavaUS.com ) on each other, then drink their grape koolaid and wait for some unsuspecting dog walker to find their well moisturized corpses. It would be civic-minded of them, ridding the bay area of parasites, and all, though I find myself gagging uncontrollably at the image.

"reviving our wills" Perhaps they intend on leaving their feather boas to the boa-less children of Gaza. I can only speculate. Or I could call them. They convieniently left us their phone number 510-540-7007

Keep Ocean beach Clean!

Flame Boy said...

Per entirely unsubstantiated rumour, Kahane Chai is also planning a new year's dawn bonfire down at ocean beach.

Apparently they have constructed a large effigy of Cindy Corrie.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you are the one to ask- are the rumors of a radical Zionist movement emerging in the Bay area simply rumors? Or are they true? If the latter, do you know how to get in touch with them?

The back of the hill said...

Well, actually, two radical Zionis movements.

One group seems to be associated with a known rabble-rouser and undercover investigator, the other group consists of college students who have been exposed to far too many threatening and illegal activities by such groups as Students for Justice in Palestine and the ISM.

I don't know which is more worrisome. Because although I recognized several people at a recent gun show, I do not know which group they belonged to. Nor would I have asked.

Anyway, "radical" is such a broad term, don't you think? Given the flagrant intimidation and threatening atmosphere on several Bay Area campii, radical may mean little more than 'defensive'.
Or maybe just 'politically incorrect' by local standards.

Anonymous said...

... and revive our wills

It is axiomatic that zombies can not have living wills.

throwing down the gauntletly amphibious said...

Someone get Lawyer Grant Patel on the case, and pay him in soiled panties.

Anonymous said...

Code Pink used to be reputable until they began siding with anti-semites. Now they're a bunch of aging hippies who masturbate to imagined instances of Jews burning in the streets of Tel Aviv & New York.

What leads to such genocidal hatred among the Liberal Klan of the Anti-War Sisters in Pink?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Code Pinko, the Huffington Post has a scathing review of their so-called freedom march. Check it out:

CODEPINK's "Gaza Freedom" Mockery

Spiros said...

I beg to differ with BOTH: chicken can be very nicely censered over mesquite coals.

Anonymous said...

Its very easy to make fun of these women, isn't it?
Have you seen this, from the Huffington post?

"So they're now wandering aimlessly around Cairo; complaining to their allies over e-mail; wearing pink; and looking ridiculous."


Anonymous said...

some interesting photos of Code Pinks 2 hour hunger strike at the Egyptian consulate, here:


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