Monday, December 28, 2009


There was another hate-fest in San Francisco yesterday. No, it wasn't organized by Richard Becker and International ANSWER - they seem to have lost all zipp lately - but by a bunch of unknowns, largely of the juvenile delinquent persuasion and senescent Berkeley earthmother type.
Evenso, several known names of terror-supporters and their organizations were listed as sponsors, and much internet poofle had been generated by the pro-Palestinian side about the event.


It was the one year anniversary of operation cast lead. Which meant that for the Israel-hating Bay Area ultras, it was an opportunity to stand in the cold and yell insults.

Except that their sound-system failed, and not many people showed up.

The vast majority of the people in Union Square were either shopping or waiting for their turn on the ice rink, and were absolutely unaware of the petulant throng at the south-west corner. Not surprising, as they only had three flags and few balloons, and didn't know what to do. Not without leadership, a sound system, and rocks or bottles.

Across the street from them stood about one hundred and twenty cheerful pro-Israel individuals, who occasionally taunted the Hamas supporters for their lack of direction and paltry performance.


Other than watching the luscious eye-candy passing by (mini skirts, even in frigid weather, are a vast blessing), there was not much to entertain me.
I was standing in front of Victoria's Secret, looking up the street and across, keeping my eye out for infiltrators and other bogies. I hardly had any cause to look behind me, as there was a security presence just a few yards away.

Which meant that I missed something VERY IMPORTANT!

Quote: "At one point their performance was so boring I went into the Victoria's Secret Store to browse."


The writer of that sentence is Steffy, a fellow blogger. Whom I would have loved to have finally met face to face. I am very disappointed.

Steffy, if you remember the middle-aged chap with the Israeli Flag and the goatee who was smoking cigarillos, please feel free to introduce yourself the next time you attend one of these fêtes.
I will gladly take you out for coffee once it's over.

Don't worry, I do not bite.


Anyhow. The adult supervision on the anti-Israel side faded out by around six o'clock, leaving only a tenured radical from SF State in charge of the bloodthirsty children, who obediently started screaming unimaginative slogans in unison.
It was dreary, and reminiscent of screechy children's choirs singing Christmas carols.

Quite the most uninspired political action of the year.

The pro-Israel side soon got bored, and decided that food, coffee, and the tail-end of the game were far more important than observing Arab juveniles in a rutting frenzy, and decided to leave.
Some nice young men from the ZFA escorted a few of us back to our cars. They had been engaged in spirited "debate" with the other side, firing back sharp and witty retorts, for about twenty minutes in all - they too felt bored by the exercise.

A battle of wits with a moron is rather like clubbing a harp-seal - the poor hurt eyes of the animal look up in dumb reproach, unable to actually understand what is happening. It is very sad.

By six thirty, only the angry Pally pubescenti remained in the square, utterly disconsolate at the lack of attention.
The presence on the Hamas side of Rob Kanter and Jim Harris, looking baffled as usual, could not make up for that; they grumbled their ire. Self-hating Jews are far less satisfying an audience than actual Jews.
But maybe Rob Kanter and Jim Harris had left already also - their departure having been as unremarkable as their presence ever is.


not GRANT!PATEL! said...

Trying to chat up comely young bloggers at political actions, eh?

Steffy said...

Trying to chat up comely young bloggers at political actions, eh?

Well, he is halfway completely a pervert. But no sex - he's far too old!

Steffy said...

And calling me comely is something of a stretch.

Unless you TOO are a pervert.

Are you?

I am actually rather fond of pervs. In an intellectual and abstract way of course.

not GRANT!PATEL! said...

I'm NOT Grant Patel. Ergo, NOT a pervert.


So.... what ARE you?

not GRANT!PATEL! said...

I am not GRANT!PATEL!, and that is enough.

Anonymous said...

Booji Patel was here.

Anonymous said...

Re: Rob Kanter
He has a lovely write up here:

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