Wednesday, November 12, 2008


That was the headline on an article in the most popular newsrag in the Netherlands.
Translation: Obama: increase hunt for Bin Laden.

Obama indicated that he will ramp up the search for the elusive Saudi national.

The reaction, from the Dutch who read the article, was predictable: sour, bitchy, and paranoid. These are all good Dutch virtues, by the way. Please don't ask about their vices (sexual enslavement of foreign women, child-prostitution, inner-city gang-rape clubs, and numerous cases of bestiality, inter alia - but please, don't ask).

Here are some of the first comments underneath the article on the internet site.
It is a sampling, and may be taken as representative of the whole.

Hmm dat wordt lastig jagen op een door Bush verzonnen fantoom om zijn oorlogszucht goed te praten en olievoorraden veilig te stellen.
[Mmm, that's gonna be difficult, hunting for a phantasm created by Bush to justify his belligerence and secure oil supplies.]
Ik - ke - 12/11/08 - 08:01:52 2766225

Ik geloof nog steeds niet in 'de terrorist' Bin Laden. Voor mij is hij een product van de CIA en wordt hij gebruikt voor politieke doeleinden. Anders was hij toch al lang opgeruimd?
[I still do not believe in the 'terrorist' Bin Laden. As far as I'm concerned he's a product of the CIA and is being used for political purposes. Otherwise he would've been caught long ago?]
Frans - Den Haag - 12/11/08 - 08:02:42

Tim Osman was zijn CIA naam, doodverklaard door wijlen presidente Butto, en niet gezocht voor 911 door de FBI omdat zijn betrokkenheid bij 911 een onbewezen bewering uit kamp Bush was. Maar Obama weet het beter.
[Tim Osman was his name in the CIA, declared dead by the late president Bhutto, and not wanted before 911 by the FBI because his involvement in 911 was an unproved claim from the Bush camp. But Obama knows better.]
Hendrik - Zulde - 12/11/08 - 09:04:11 2766347

Ik geloof wel dat hij bestaat maar dat ze hem eerder hadden kunnen pakken, ben ik met je eens. Alleen denk ik dat hij niet wordt gepakt doo USA omdat anders de wapenindustrie in stort, en bush geen reden meer had gehad om oorlog te voeren.
[I do believe he exists, but that they could've caught him sooner, I agree with you. I just think that he isn't being caught by the USA because otherwise the weapons industry would collapse, and Bush would not have a reason anymore to wage war.]
marijke - bahrain - 12/11/08 - 10:23:53 2766604

Natuurlijk heeft hij bestaan maar hij wordt nu in leven gehouden door zowel Al Qaeda als de VS want hij is al lang dood. Voorheen kregen we nog wel eens een filmpje te zien van Osama over zijn oproepen en grootspraak maar de laatste 5 jaar heb ik niets nieuws meer gezien.
[Of course he existed, but he is now being kept alive by both Al Qaeda and the US because he has been dead for a long time. In the past we'd occasionally get a clip of his proclamations and blowharding, but the last five years I have seen nothing new.]
Hit m up - Utreg - 12/11/08 - 11:30:13 2766832

Er is na 9-11 geen seconde serieus jacht gemaakt op Bin Laden. Al snel bleek de olie alsmede de strategische ligging van Irak veel interessanter.
De gevolgen van dat geweldige beleid, dat werd verkocht onder de noemer 'War on Terror' merken we nog steeds....

[After 911 there wasn't a serious search for Bin Laden for even one second. It soon became apparent that oil, and the strategic location of Irak, were much more interesting. The results of that belligerent policy, that were busked under the nomen 'War on Terror', we still endure....]
Jan - Spijkenisse - 12/11/08 - 12:06:33 2766975

Ik ben blij om te lezen dat steeds meer mensen niet in deze onzin trappen.
Hij is gecreerd door de CIA en allang dood.
Maar dat mogen wij niet weten want dan hebben wij geen vijand meer.

[I am pleased to read that more and more people aren't falling for this guff. He was created by the CIA and has been dead for a long time. But we aren't allowed to know that, because then we would no longer have an enemy.]
Bob de Bouwer - roosendaal - 12/11/08 - 12:16:57 2767017

And so on and so forth.

It should be evident from the above that there is an element among the Dutch who are probably insane, certainly unreliable, and entirely despicable. Not all, but enough of them.

Sometimes I really wish that the North sea would rise and erase that poisonous little mud-blot from the map of Europe. The attitudes exhibited above, which were already prevalent during the early seventies, were at a higher level of fester each time I revisited the place in the nineties. I have not been back since 1999.
After the phenomenal venom that was puked forth on several Dutch internet forums discussing American policies, politics, and involvements since 2002, and the bitch-ass anti-American and anti-Semitic toxic waste on so many Dutch mailing-lists, I have little need and even less desire to ever visit the old dung heap again.

I fear that after only one week of being surrounded by such people I would incline towards murder, two weeks would mean mass-slaughter.

I would much rather leave such acts to the Turks and Moroccans who have to put up with Dutch arrogant ignorance on a daily basis. It would be both more fitting, and more deserved.

Collectively, the Muslims resident in the Netherlands have put up with so much, for so long, that all of them, even their extremists and morons, qualify for saint-hood. As do most foreigners who have the misfortune of living there.


Dolph said...

All the comments you show here are anonymus exept the last one. It was signed with Bob de Bouwer. A welknown figure in the world. The US of A including.
I think that speaks for the quality and the seriousness of these so called comments.

The back of the hill said...

My dear Dolph, that they are anonymous is not a problem - their message is. You will note that in essence all internet writing is anonymous to a degree. Unless you know the writer, the name appended means nothing.

Take, for instance, this post: Hetero Scandal at Gay Synagogue.

The fact that the author, Rabbi Pinky Schmeckelstein, is a friend and associate of mine (nay, even a mentor in the field of Talmudishe Leitzonus), makes him no less anonymous to others.

The comments, even if signed by fictitious names, are no less disturbing. That they are representative of widespread sentiment is likewise no less relevant. Any perusal of all comments underneath articles about the US or Israel will show that there is not only antipathy, but also rabid hatred, directed at the US and Israel. That this is allowed on the AD site, which often censors, and not infrequently bans certain commenters, is significant.

As you yourself know, I enjoy the company of many Dutchmen. What gets my goat is the glibness with which assumptions are made, and complete falsehoods are believed - especially in the Netherlands if the target is the US or Israel. Apparently we are illiterates who are still killing the Indians and whupping blacks, all of us carry guns and use our fists to settle disputes, except when we're in church worshipping the flat-earth, we eat garbage, live on oil, and lock up anybody who disagrees. We are, in Dutch fact, the hegemonists whose rank terror of the rest of the world and murderous rampaging absolve Germany and all of Europe for every iota of responsibility for past misbehaviour. In comparison, of course, Europe must be the centre of civilization. And as a dumb iggerunt savage from cowboy-skyscraper bible-thump, I should not disagree with the polder-smurf telling me so.

You and several others are not like that - though, occasionally, something is said that still causes me to stare. But you also know what the Dutch are like. Eigenwijs, stug, koppig, en vaak onweterig van een ziekmakend gehalte. Kinda like Texans with less talent for diplomacy.

That said, you are too American in your tendency to see shades of gray. It is a very appealing characteristic.

Fond regards,

Anonymous said...

Way too much gibbering about the Dutch. They are less than one percent of the world's population. But ninety percent of the bee in your bonnet.

You, sir, have a pepper up your arse about cheese.

---Grant Patel

Anonymous said...

En om je toch meer weer op de stang te jagen, zijn die verwaande kaaskoppen weer aan het klieren over Israel. Zie hier:

Uitbreiding Jerusalem.

Het zijn natuurlijk de gebruikelijke azijn zeikers op dat forum.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has lived and worked in the Netherlands for over 8 years, I feel qualified to make a judgment call. I hate generalizing but if I were pushed I would have to put it down to the narrow line between self-confidence and arrogance. Most Dutch people are self-confident (the nice ones). Many have slipped across into arrogance (the not-nice ones). The rest are insane (nothing special here, every country has these).

I believe it comes down to how the children are raised. By way of an example (and I could give many, many more): I cycle 5 miles to work every day. I pass a short stretch of road (maybe 20 yards) that always has cars parked on one side so is just wide enough for a car and bicycle to pass at the same time. Next to this narrow strip of road is a sidewalk. Recently, a young mother was walking on this sidewalk while holding the hand of her toddler, who was walking IN THE ROAD. Cars had stopped at both ends, waiting for the toddler to leave the road. The mother, however, was in no rush to get her child out of the way, but kept saying "goed zo, goed zo" over and over. I was stunned. This child will now grow up believing it has the power to stop traffic. If it survives its first solo encounter with a busy intersection, it will one day become a Dutch teenager who thinks it is fine to block traffic while it chats on its cellphone (yes, I've seen this a few times) or ride four-abreast (more times than I can remember) or even cycle directly towards you on the wrong side of the road because it wants to turn down a side road and it can't understand the concept of waiting until you have passed (groan!).

The simple fact is that in my 8 years in the Netherlands I have yet to meet a humble Dutch person. I think the word has been struck for their language. They believe they know everything about everything and I have never heard one of them apologize, ever (perhaps it happens but I have never witnessed it). I always enjoy watching two Dutch people discussing something. There is no give-and-take. They just take turns saying what they believe with absolute confidence. They can contradict each other. The can both be 100% wrong. This does not worry them in the slightest. I call this the "Centre-of-the-universe Syndrome".

Of course I have met some really nice Dutch people. Like the wonderful old couple who spotted me walking along with a flat tire one day. They promptly called me over, helped me change the tire, and gave me a big glass of orange juice before sending me on my way. Which is why I don't like to generalize.

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