Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Strange invasive nightmares, nightsweats, plus pedal throbbing, itch, and swelling. An interesting night was passed, indeed.

The description of the problem:

Gout (metabolic arthritis) is a disease created by a buildup of uric acid. In this condition, crystals of monosodium urate or uric acid are deposited on the articular cartilage of joints, tendons and surrounding tissues. These crystals cause inflammation and pain, both severe. If unchecked, the crystals form tophi, which can cause significant tissue damage. Gout results from a combination of elevated concentrations of uric acid and overall acidity in the bloodstream.





Gout in men often occurs in their toes but may also manifest in other parts of the body. Mild fever may also occur. It affects women as well.

There are two causes of pain. Crystals inside the affected joint cause intense pain whenever the affected area is moved. Inflammation of the tissues around the joint may cause swelling and extreme tenderness.
Gout usually affects the big toe, but it also can attack other joints.




To deal with this problem I am following a strict food regimen:
No Gehakte Leber, no lobster, no Oysters Rockefeller, no Beef Wellington, no massive infusions of port or other dessert wines. No rich meats slathered in Béarnaise. No Hollandaise. No Crevettes en Sauce Commandeur de Ameland.

This is harder than I thought.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard the expression,"killing oneself with a knife...and fork?"


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to read of His Blogness suffering from this - it was a devil for Henry VIII too.

What alleviates? hot baths - cortisone creams?

I should think Vodka is of benefit - try Krupnik first - and then move on to heavy duty Russian Industrial quality.

Briefly the thought of loving massage of afflicted area by lithe asian lady enters my mind... and then vanishes .....

Recuperate In Peace


Avi Schwartz said...

my dad has gout.
Be grateful you can drink beer.

Dolph said...

Oh-la-la Gout.... very painfull. By man and the first attack mostly in the big toe. A low-purine diet is OK but you should check your physician if your overproduction of urine-acid is congenital. If so only 1/3 of the purine/urin-acid is caused by food. It's better to have medication. Colchicine to temper the gout-attack in combination with Iboprophen. Later Allopurinol to reduce urin-acid level in combination with colchicine to avoid a second attack . You should drink 2-3 liters of water a day. Do not drink alcohol in any form, its does not generate extra purine(no not even that glass of Port) but it reduces the funktion of your kidneys and so the carrying off of purine. Wish you a fast recovery

The back of the hill said...

Cortisone creams do not help - the area in question does not tolerate much touch.

Alcohol seems to make it worse the next day.

Diet modification helps. The problem is I love rich foods and the occasional glassele of wine. And a good stiff shot of Scotch or Irish is a blessing AND a mitzvah.

Grumpiness and bad temper helps immensely, as does writing meanspirited things - especially about a shmo such as Jim Harris / Tom Joad (see a previous post). I think Kate Raphael Bender is next.

Dolph, all of this is fine advice. But we're beyond the stage of first OR second attack here and into recurring problem terrain. Seems to happen at least once overy two or three months. Copious draughts of weak tea throughout the day (probably equivating to 2 or 3 litres of water) do indeed work. Talking walks also improves circulation in the affected area. Immobility simply makes it worse. Aspirin makes it worse, Ibuprofen masks the symptoms only slightly.

Anonymous said...

Murgh makhni, tikka masala, and quorma. That cures gout. Trust me. Plus lots of cheese and rich red wine. Have some liver patay too.

You'll be so beyond gout, so fast, you won't believe it.

Heavens, would I lie?

---Grant Patel

Anonymous said...

I'm a doctor, I can say these things.

---Grant Patel MD

Anonymous said...

Truly an awful dilemma here Blogmeester... a low purine diet is a ghastly prospect - I would not wish it on my cats & dog.
Beer & red wine seem to be problematic but I have yet to find a negative reference to Vodka or Whisky probably as most Scots, Poles & Russkies are poor

Amputation might be worth Americans drive everywhere anyway - but there again you would have to pay up front and it could be pretty pricey.

What about leeches?


with S.K in mind....

what about acupuncture??????


Anonymous said...

In rereading this post, I am am struck by the high degree of Dutchness. Both in the translations, and in the commentary with which you frame your j'accuse against the Dutch. Indeed, Dutcher it cannot get. How very very Dutch it is, indeed.

Dutch, Dutch, Dutch, Dutch, Dutch, Dutch, Dutch, Dutch, Dutch!!!

---Grant Cheese

Spiros said...

Tout le Gout.

Anonymous said...

The cure for gout:

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

ack, sorry. refu’a sheleima!

Unknown said...

Take Celery Seed Extract tablets, they flush the uric acid crystals from the body.
Cider Vinegar also helps break down protien in the body and helps the elimination process.

Anonymous said...

Don't drink lots a couple of moments per day, rather, drink smaller sized quantities far more usually and routinely for the duration of the working day. Although I will not go in the strategies, 1 was already mentioned, which can be to get adequate fluids within your entire body. Therefore of every one of the alcohol consumption types of alcohol, the worst for gout issues is considered to be beer. Many individuals have found this natural gout treatment to get quite efficient.

Here is my web blog; gout foods

The back of the hill said...

The comment above verges on spam, but is nevertheless worthwhile.

And the linked website looks useful.

Hence the non-trashcanning.

Dr. Elix said...

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Waiting your next post

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