Tuesday, November 04, 2008


As the day progresses, the tension becomes so thick you can cut it with a knife. Coworkers sneak onto the internet to read about the election, mutters and starts are heard from all corners of the office. Who just yelp-whispered "that bastard", and which colleague sneered "stinking cheat" under her breath?
The air around here is just crackling and popping

This evening is going to be too interesting.

Actually, I don't understand what all the fuss is about.

I already voted. Why do the rest of you get to do it too?
After all, I'm right. Punkt.
I am not Ohio.



There, now the we've got that out of the way, it's time to distract you with more gibbering about tobacco. It will help pass the time between now and the polls closing.

Yossi Izrael wrote "you have some C&D's "Black Dawg"? It's goooooooooooood", then asked whether I would "recommended Sam Gaw Balkan".

Almost all the Samuel Gawith products are very well made. I cannot remember a Samuel Gawith Balkan mixture, however - perhaps you mean Gawith Hoggarth's Balkan blend? Which smells terrific, and is a flavourful smoke. A very worthwhile product. But despite the name, it isn't really a Balkan. Not enough Oriental leaf.

Samuel Gawith's Squadron Leader has far more Oriental. Takes a bit of practice to pack it, because of the cut, but it's probably tops in it's category, and in any case one of the very few old-school Balkans still made in England by an English company.

If you meant Samuel Gawith's Balkan Flake, I have not tried it yet, but it has gotten some very good reviews, and Gawith's pressed tobaccos are uniformly excellent.
I question their nomenclature, however. Balkan can absolutely not mean Virginias and Latakia without Turkish. What makes a blend Balkan is the overdose of Turkish, supplemented by Latakia, supported by Virginia and other base tobaccos.

I look forward to trying their Balkan Flake once I've smoked through the various opened tins of tobacco currently floating around the house. Samuel Gawith has a line to some of the very best Latakia around.
Just sticking your nose into a tin of Commonwealth or Squadron Leader is a wonderful thing.
How much more so offending your neighbors by lighting up?


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J. "יהוא בן יהושפט בן נמשי" Izrael said...

Mofo, (you don't mind me calling you that? I know you don't mind! I've heard a lot about the squadron leader but never tried it. In my next order I'll include that as well as the '72 flake.
The Balkan I mean was the Balkan Flake. Never seen the Hoggarth you mentioned. I love the Balkan Saseini and McClelland's as well.
Next time you buy something check out www.pipesandcigars.com they're really good, with consistently lower prices and better customer service than anyone else.
If you buy something from them tell 'em I reffered you.
RE Elections:
It will NOT be interesting at all.
This election is playing out between an old an tired turd, the product of two decades in the old boys country club and a stealth communazi who doesn't understand the first thing in politics. If he gets elected, this may be the last free election in the USA. Overreacting? Wingnut lunacy? I hope so. But I fear 21st century Americans are too fat (as in "vayishman yeshurun") and dumbed by abundance/degeneracy/complacence that they won't repeat the the revolution that was triggered by a $0.02 tax. Barry is on the Communists and Arab terrorists remote, period. I don't care what all the talking heads in the New York Times and CNN say. I'll move back to Israel.

Spiros said...

J., unlike Ohio, Florida, New Mexico, and the Great State of Montana(!), is an overeacting wingnut lunatic. We cherish such in this country (especially in that band of Red that runs from Texas up through North Dakota), but if he feels that he must move back to Israel, we'll just have to try to get by without him. I am fairly certain that, having survived eight years of President Shit-Weasel, we should be able to withstand at least one term of Obama; last time I checked, Mr. Obama was neither the Anti-Christ, a "communazi", or a "feminazi".
People of Happy Valley, "the Sheriff is a Near!", and I for one couldn't be any more chuffed.

Spiros said...

Shoot, I seem to have counted my chickens with Montana. Oh well.

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